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Found 3 results

  1. Hi NQ, I wish you could create some functionality to for element Group, that can group multiple elements and voxels into 1 Group element, that can be placed into a construction. How can this be good for everyone including players and administration? You group 20 Wings M (identically orientated within the construct) into Wing-Group, - Result: the Game app can operate with 1 group element as 1 wing with 20 Mega Neuton power, which results in less load on calculations, less lags, higher FPS. You group complex voxel structure ( a statue of a SnowMan ), - Result: players get ability to sell it as its own with his rights. Now if you sell with RDM, it is a separated construct, or you have to release RDM. But a VoxelGroup structure can be sold as Element and you can deploy it into any construct you want, and RDM is present. In fact, I want to have Group-element, that represent fully functioning structure with lights blinking, tables, chairs, screens, -- so you can place them into ship. Result: If I brake the ship with such Group-Element, I would spend whatever X Scrap it takes clicking only 1 time, and fix it fast. what we have now? -- 1. if people place a lot of elements, they spend 30-50 minutes repairing after crash. You don't value peoples life-time? -- 2. If people don't want to repair all those elements, they imitate chairs, tables, shower rooms etc with voxels... you can't even seat into fake chair..... Best regards, M
  2. Hi guys, When you build the ship, you want tot have windows, lights, all those wires and wire-corners, right? BUTT!!1111!!1 But if you crash, most of the elements will be broken, and require repair. I have 250 elements on my M-ship, I am not talking about L-ship....... I have to walk around and fix every 50 hp point, 200 point, etc, elements, and it takes big part of my life, JUST to CLICK and fix red element, then click fix yellow, and wait of the fix.... What do you do? - You just don't place that much of elements?! Right? ----> we are loosing the esthetics, we are loosing part of the game without elements. I have this problem. It is not a bug. But I wand a feature request. My suggestion: to have a Construction >> Right Mouse button >> Command "Repair", which may repair your ship for you, spending time, which you do whatever you want. My Suggestion: Admin, make the glass and other small elements not breakable ? Your ideas?
  3. I would like to have a function for getting the name of an element. Background: Having a storage room with displays to show the filling state of all containers using their names. Showing production states of mashines on displays.
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