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Found 4 results

  1. Since beta launch I have frustrating problem with losing connection and frequent game crashing. I sent a lot of reports, but I guess that I'm in minority with this issue and nobody cares. So, is there someone, who also had a problem with constant game crasing, but found a way to fix it? How? These are some of the typical cases: - First login of the day - instant crash after Loading. - Second login of the day - crash after a few seconds after Loading. With third attempt it is usually ok. - Using instant transport between Alioth and Sanctuary - crash every 2-3 uses right after Loading. - Flying above the surface of planets (0-2000m range) - random (every 1-15 minutes) crashes. It seems to not correlate with any obvius situation or action. - Flying in space - random crashes roughly once every 20 minutes. The issue persist on 2 different machines, first one around minimal specs, second one 1 tier above recommended.
  2. So after two weeks of waiting (over that actually, 17 days) i finally got a reply from DU support, NQ rocketman. what i got was no questions, a seemingly ingenuine apology and the ticket being marked as solved simply because they saw i was logging on...the issue isnt logging on, the issue is actually playing the damn game and constantly crashing over and over and over, if anyone is interested here's the ticket and the incredibly assuming response I got. Edit by NQ-Nyzaltar: While we can understand your frustration, you're not supposed to disclose a private discussion without the consent of both parties. As it seems clear that this has been posted without the other party consent, the private discussion has been removed from your post. Please refrain to post any private discussion you might have with the Customer Support in the future, or the Community Team might need to escalate Moderation measures. That being said, we totally understand your reaction. Here is what might be an explanation on what caused this mistake: Customer Support agents sometimes work on several tickets at the same time, with some pending while waiting for an information from the Dev team. By having multiple tickets opened, he might have given you an answer that was destinated to another ticket. While relatively rare, this can happen, as we are all humans and humans make mistakes sometimes. Best Regards, Nyzaltar
  3. I cant sign into the games main website or game and Im getting this error called error 100 but i know for a fact the email and password are correct because I have signed in here ngl feel like I have had my money stolen as i only got to play the game once and have spent the last 15 hours trying to sign into a broken game. If any one has any advise please let me know
  4. There are always lots of questions about Dual Universe... Some of the same questions get asked a lot, but people are still always coming up with new ones. One of the most common answers to any question is... "Probably not at release." I realize there are a lot of things that can be pushed off for a time, but I am afraid that there are some features which may be initially neglected which will later become very difficult to implement. For instance, I would love for hostile environments/weather to cause wear/damage over time. Extreme heat, sandstorms, toxic rain, etc. requiring different materials and skills to be able to operate in these environments would be awesome (my opinion of course) for the game, but if I asked whether this will be added the answer would be "probably not at release." But how could you implement something like that later down the road? It would be difficult. You would have to wait for new planets to be generated and then give them those effects; after all, the developers can't just say: "Update 5.67: Surprise! All of your bases on sand planets are now being torn apart by sandstorms. You need a new material we've introduced to make anything that can last there now." Something like customizable elements is a great example of what can totally be added in at a later time, with little to no negative effects. But something like significant weather, or gas giants, or new materials, I feel are things that really either need to be in at the start, or it'll just be a hassle to integrate later. Some others might be: - Food: Spawn into the new update of the months-old game, suddenly you are hungry with no food. A whole new economy based around food now has to be created. - Farming: Farming requires land. If an org knows this from day 1, they may design their bases around providing themselves with land for crops or animals. If instead, they find out on day 100 that it's now going to be beneficial to have tons of open plains, and here they've built themselves a city with large flat one to two story buildings, now they're screwed. Of course NovaQuark can't add in everything at the start. They can't know what update they'll want two years down the road. But, to rephrase what I've said, I don't want features which would otherwise be awesome and good for the game, to instead hurt it because they were added in at a later date after the game had already developed around their non-existence. One thing I am suggesting is... You can lynch me if you want. But add in, especially for alpha and beta, add in features that seem like they would be difficult to implement later into the game in at least a buggy state, so that way players can at least somewhat adapt to their presence. Yes, I am suggesting cramming in features in a buggy state rather than having a mostly stable game. I think that, in the long run, it'll end up for the better. Please let me know if you agree or completely disagree. I know people will disagree; I'm sure of it! Maybe you can change my mind with brilliant logic or reasoning. Please, of course, let me know, but please understand that I am very open to being disagreed with.
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