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Found 4 results

  1. Ore Currently Dual Universe has far to much ore. You can look at many reasons to as why this is the case such as lower population, large amount of alts, picking up and placing auto miners to obtain high tier ore to mine (nq really?). My thoughts are it's a combination of a few problems. Population, active vs passive game play & solo/safety vs team work. Currently auto miners allow a single player to obtain far more resources then any average player would use, even if said player used all the ore which is simply unlikely the ore ends up in products which floods the market. Auto miners are further abused by alts which will exist as long as there is profit. The end result is either the profit is so low no one uses alts = Fail (due to tax) or Its so valuable people abuse alts and get an unfair advantage that cannot be taken away from them (lets be real, atmo pvp isn't coming any time soon) = also a fail. My suggestion is to dice game play up unto tiers and giving different types of game play to obtain ore to encourage active game, team play and trading. Auto miners I would suggest that all t4/t5 is removed from auto miners all together, having unlimited safe access to the highest tier ore in the game makes no sense to begin with. Every tile should offer a healthy amount of each t1 ore. Doing so allows new players to arrive on any planet and allow them to get t1 voxels, dabble in factory and play the casual play style solo style many people want to enjoy without being shafted by things happening in the universe. I believe t2 should be in healthy amounts mostly for space fuel with t3 having a lesser amount for warp cells but not an unlimited overflow as we're having right now (if every person warps every ship for any reason there's a problem) Once a player has auto miners placed, they've dabbled in building, mined some safe zone asteroids (active game play!!!), factory, bought a warp drive and experienced most aspects of the game they have a decision to make. Join an org or stay solo. If a player decides they want to remain solo they can create/barter for any luxury items they want and continue to play without changes to dual universe stopping their game play. Lets move onto the section that every solo player aspiring to be the richest person in the universe is going to HATE. T4/T5 & Asteroids. t1/t2 should be everywhere in bigger nodes/less popcorn nodes across all asteroids both in the safe zone and the PVP zone. This will allow new players to aim for the stars and use active game play to obtain resources faster then someone would passively (as it should be??). It's very important that players not only have an active aspect to mining but it must be extremely fast compared to auto miners to devalue alts and to encourage game play/getting people into space. With the nerf to t3 from auto miners the t3 should be more easily obtainable from t2+ asteroids. While I do believe there should be some in the safe zone asteroids it should never come to the point in which people warp everything every time for obvious reasons. Warp cells should not be rare but nor should they be everywhere. With t4/t5 being removed from auto miners the amount of t4/t5 asteroids needs to be increased as well as more ore being in each asteroids via more nodes and larger nodes. My logic If t4 is easily obtained people simply say rare elements are good enough and have no desire to obtain exotic items completely devaluing the hardest tier of ore to obtain as well as plasma which will effectively kill alien cores just as auto miners has done to asteroids. The assumption that the population will be larger post launch so the ore per person playing is lower is a valid argument but the argument that the difference between t4/t5 is so small there's no point to attacking alien cores must be considered. The cost % and power % increase between rares to exotics makes no sense, 1000% increase for a 10% increase at best? If you used the guns in pve for an unlimited amount of time making them extremely valuable I can see this work but in dual universe in which you are constantly risking elements to extremely unpredictable battles makes it far to costly. One could make the argument and say exotics should only be slightly better and more available, those people making this argument only care about getting cheap powerful elements and do not care about the org/alliance aspect of alien cores. A person may also make the argument that legion controls all the cores but this argument also falls flat on its face looking ahead to launch. If a single alliance controls every pvp point in the game that's a failure on nqs balancing side and has nothing to do with some elements being slightly better. End point. I believe auto miners should provide ample t1 and supplement t2/t3 instead supply all the ore in the game you need removing active game play. As with any other game the highest tiers of elements in the game (t4/t5) should require engagement in the community or have successful people trade for it. Edit : High tier asteroids must not spawn near the safe zone boarder!
  2. Ruhas31


    Good time everyone. I apologize in advance because I used the translator. I usually do not comment on this or that update, I try to keep a neutral position, since there are always those who can make some kind of comment on updates and innovations. Now on the subject: Do we all play games in order to relax or plunge into another otmasphere, relax and enjoy the gameplay? But what do I see today in dual? This is a routine, this is a continuous routine that annoys, and does not give pleasure, do we come to the game to work again? Or engage in monotony? This is more related to the renewal of asteroids. Why is such a model of asteroid mining needed? Why not just make it more accessible? And so the first steps: In order for us to start mining ore on asteroids, we need to: Buy a radar, for this we also need to extract ore from the beginning, sell, etc., taking into account its price on the market, this is not a quick process ... Next, we need to buy a radar, and now we are ready, after all the labor "entertainment", to finally fly and look for asteroids, but even here a not very fun game awaits us, because we start the same routine with the search for an asteroid, each checkpoint requires a new one scanning, and we all need to be in time for a certain amount of time to be the first in the end on the asteroid?) Do you want to bring movement into the game? So this can be done by other methods, but not by routine methods .. Many of my friends left the game because of the monotony and lengthy processes. Suggestion: Make asteroids available without scanning steps (whatever it is). Make it possible for asteroids to fall on planets, give the opportunity to play alone, give at least one automatic turret.
  3. I'm thinking along the lines of Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Dust clouds, Random floating things in space (e.g. Proceedurally generated space junk) and Dark matter globs. Anyone know if they are going to be in the game? And whether or not these can interact with planets like huge meteor impact that a city might want to preemptively stop? Personally I like that kind of thing, but whether or not its in the scope of this game is another question
  4. The biggest question i have is. Will we be able to mine Oort clouds and in fact will there be Oort clouds at all within a game?
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