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Found 7 results

  1. Lost in space? Got no fuel? Ship's broken down? Who you gonna call? The Terran Union Emergency Services! If you're ever stranded and seek immediate assistance, hit the "distress beacon" button on our website: http://dual-emergency.weebly.com/ The Terran Union Emergency Services is an effective team of well trained, well respected and well paid employees who travel the cosmos rescuing stranded pilots and crews, and we want YOU to be one of them. Many positions are available, ranging from response team to dispatch command to senior staff. For more information, visit our website or join our discord: https://discord.gg/zBVgpu If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!
  2. Hello everyone, When Dual Universe opens (alpha, beta, ect), what do you think will be the most important factors for large organizations like Terran Union to focus their research and development on, and why? Should they focus on energy (batteries, everything need batteries), recon (detention, exploration), firepower (weapons and defense), infrastructure (buildings on ground and in space), or anything else you can think of? First post, BruceWilly.
  3. "Are you wondering why you should join us? Join us if you want to be greater than just yourself, don't read about history, make it. If you want to win glory, a place for yourself in the annals of time, we are your best choice. If you want to be the best, join us in our path to greatness, with you by our side were sure to last. If your tired of organisations that dont return your efforts, we will address that. But really, if thats not enough for you, you can join us because you simply want to work with like minded people, those who share your ambition and goals, and that's not even considering our healthy bonus packages. So, Soldier, are you in?" Terran Union Armed Forces are looking for individuals in several occupations ranging from fighter pilot, gun crew, ship engineer, marine, team leader and more, please don't hesitate to contact the following individuals on discord for more information: Imperator#2402 - Head of National Space Forces Zedivann#9604 - Head of Terran Union Military Intelligence DesertWolves#9261 - Head of National Defense Forces Come be a part of the largest dedicated military organization in Dual Universe! Note: requirements to join TUAF are citizenship with the Terran Union(TU) and approval from the Terran Union Military Intelligence director (TUMI). https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union-armed-forces
  4. Congratulations Terran Union on reaching 400 members! They are a fun bunch of people to be with ​can not wait to start building with them and playing with all the fine people of Duel Universe. Roll on Alpha day!!!
  5. Terran Union Terran Union National Space Force "Among The Stars, We Roam" Who are the TUNSF? We are the national space forces of the Terran Union, The NSF is an Offensive force and is focused on attacking the enemy more than defence, however that does not restrict us from protecting civilian and military assets and from also conducting border patrol and defence. Our Mission - Security of TU assets and citizens outside of the TU orbit. - Patrol of high value trading routes - Anti piracy operations - Conduct offensive operations Why Join the TUNSF? The TUNSF is in need of people from all over the world to work together as a team to get the job done, by doing so, you will earn a rank in the TUNSF (Listed below) and you will also become a citizen in the Terran Union as well, when joining the the navy, you will also receive the appropriate pay check according to your rank. There are two sets of rankings in the TUNSF, the first being 'Enlisted' (E) which covers the backbone and the manpower of the TUNSF, and the other being 'Officer' (O) which covers the leaders of the TUNSF, these ranks require more responsibility, authority, and leadership compared to the enlisted ranks. O1-O5 leadership skills are recommended and communication skills are required, candidates aiming to fulfill a commander's position without prior leadership skills will be evaluated by the Fleet Admiral if deserving of a waiver. E1-E3 are the lowest in the fleet, they are mainly new recruits and the core of the fighting manpower of the NSF. E4-E6 are considered “organizational” in the NSF, they implement strategies and policies from Strategic and are the first “leadership” rank within the enlisted corps. E7-E9 are the highest ranks in the NSF for Enlisted. They are considered strategic leaders and work with higher echelon in ensuring tasks and operations are executed effectively. Officer Ranks Commander – O5 Officer tasked with commanding small ships such as Cruisers or transport vessels. Lieutenant Commander - O4 First rank with command of a ship, commands small sized ships and usually acts as an XO for a Captain. Lieutenant First Class - O3 Lieutenant with longer time in service and experience. Lieutenant – O2 Junior Officer tasked with commanding small ships such as reconnaissance Corvettes or leading Fighter squadrons. Ensign – O1 Lowest of the officer corps, primarily tasked with operating transport ships or piloting fighter jets, bombers. Enlisted Ranks Master Chief Petty Officer - E9 Senior Chief Petty Officer - E8 Chief Petty Officer - E7 Petty Officer Second Class - E5 Petty Officer Third Class - E4 NSF Corporal - E3 NSF Lance Corporal - E2 NSF Recruit - E1 Requirements for joining - Have and use a microphone. - Speak (understandable) English. - Be of 16 years or older. -Younger people may apply however you will need to discus with a high ranking personnel such as Imperator or myself. - Be willing to act *Mature* when it's needed. If you have questions regarding the TU, TUN, or the TUNSF, please don't hesitate to contact either Imperator or Myself with your queries.
  6. Terran Union Terran Union Strike Command 'We Pave The Way' The Terran Union Strike Command is currently Recruiting! Founded: 14th of September, 2016 Current Leader: Alexander 'Dark' Drake Open Positions: 40 Troopers, 3 Engineers Who are we? The Terran Union Strike Command is the men and women dedicated to fighting for the Terran Union. Our job is simple, to Pave the way. TUSC is the dedicated shock troopers of the TU, hailing from all around the globe we aim to give everything our all and not give up. We are the front lines of the Terran Union Military, making first contact on assaults. The TUSC is tasked with clearing out any obstacles that may hinder the advance of the military, this may involve anything, from clearing out orbital defence stations to neutralising anti air or anti tank emplacements. Why TUSC? We need men and women not only willing to work together, but to give their lives together. Ever wanted to be the part of the first wave? Dropping in from high orbit and clearing the way for your fellow soldiers? Fighting side by side with you brothers and sisters in arms. By joining TUSC, and therefore the Terran Union, you'll gain all the benefits that a citizen of the TU will gain (Link to the TU page is at the top of reference). We offer a close-knit group of friends looking forward to working together and helping each other. In down times we'll be kicking back chatting and mucking around with each other. During Operations we will have a more serious tone, focused on winning and completing our task. We currently looking for 41 shock troopers to join TUSC. The Troopers are the front line of the Terran Union and the backbone of the TUSC. These men and women are the ones to go head first into combat, risking their lives in dangerous situations to begin the first assault. We are looking for men and women willing to fight alongside and cooperate with others, we will not tolerate lone wolves, those who believe they do not need anyone else. Teamwork and coordination will play a key part in the success of our operations. We are also looking for 6 engineers to manage the TUS Invictus. These engineers are going to play a key role within TUSC. Headed by Owe, the engineers will manage everything aboard the cruiser. From repairing and rebuilding the drop pods and drop ships to piloting the Invictus herself, the engineers will be a hard working, dedicated group. Engineers will not be stuck in one role, but will be able to fluidly move around the ship, helping where needed. While the troopers are on mission, the Invictus will be running a skeleton crew, which is where the teamwork and dedication will pay off. While within TUSC your are not simply restricted to your role. In our down times you are free to do what ever you want, wether it be coding, building or mucking around. But make sure you're ready! When DU comes out we will have organised training sessions but untill then I'm happy to organise game nights so we can get to know each other. Requirements -Have a mic and is willing to use it. -Speak English. -Be of 16 years or older. --Although we would prefer members to be 16 or older, anyone younger can still apply. Applications will take longer and we will need to see if you are mature enough to sign aboard. -Willing and able to act mature when we need it. The members of TUSC are projected to have the highest mortality rate within the TU, but do not let that throw you off, we will reap in the glory from our position and know that we are fighting the hardest. If you have any questions about TUSC feel free to pm me on Discord (Name is Dark, and you can find me on the DU discord), ask in this thread or pm me on the forums. I'll endeavor to answer as much as I can.
  7. Plutarch Mining Corporation - PMC About the Company The PMC is a new Organisation, which is focused on mining of materials and researching new technologies. Our goal is to provide the resources and technologies needed for the reconstruction of our civilization. History The PMC was founded in 2018 by Henry Plutarch. It was one of the first companies which farmed asteroids. Until the year 2340, the PMC was able to extend its monopoly position and helped the mankind to new prosperity. However, the PMC has also invested a lot of money into research, which had finally makes the long journey to our new home only. Future plans The PMC is still far away from its original size. We want the PMC bring back to the top of the economy and support the new world government in the reconstruction of our civilization. What we offer We offer a job in a new interesting environment, which will in the mining industry or in research. We also offer a performance matched fair salary. We also offer free vehicles and personal quarters for you and your family. We are part of the Terran Union and help to rebuild our civilisation. Join us: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/plutarch-mining-corporation-pmc
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