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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow citizens! Welcome to the Osiris Federal Republic! Organized around the ideas of freedom and prosperity, our organization gives our members complete freedom in how they wish to live within Dual Universe and their contribution towards the nation! The SFR is a democratic organization, one that promotes liberty and defends it from those who wish to rule with tyranny! From our vast new member programs, to our reward system, our government is here to support all our citizens! We believe firmly in letting our members' creativity grow and expanding their knowledge in the depth of Dual Universe with the help of our Alpha Veterans. From mining to PvP, we support any and all play styles within the verse! Our robust community provides opportunities in all sectors and is supported by a firm belief in merit. Hard work is at the core of any successful organization, and we provide exceptional means of rewarding our members. With the institution of national programs such as wages, dividend/share distribution and fair recognition, our members have the means of rising through the ranks with dedication and creating success! At Osiris we also offer immense protection services. Whether it be through the routine patrols by our expansive fleet or the safe havens of our cities and stations, Osiris is sure to provide a secure environment for you to succeed! We are looking for creative intuitive members who are willing to work in a team environment for the better of the organization. With us, your choice matters and your opinions are always heard. We facilitate and welcome an environment that will enable you to be yourself. The nation is divided into multiple ministries of governance, who work synonymous with each other. While working within the departments of your choosing, you will be offered the choice of being tightly integrated within our teams that expertise in their roles, while at the same time offering the autonomy and freedom you desire. Our three ministries consist of; the Ministry of Development, Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of State! Please check out our website for more information! https://osirisfederal.wixsite.com/a-new-beginning/ At the leadership level, we have integrated pathways for promotions within the organization. Hard work is always recognized and rewarded! Members have both the economic prosperity associated with your freedom as well as the access to immense resources to construct the next titans of the fleet! Like any successful organization, communication among our members is paramount. That's why we offer a 24/7 active discord community to converse and make lasting friendships that organically develop beyond the scope of this virtual reality! Hope to see all of you soon! https://discord.gg/sm54skF
  2. The thread title is somewhat explanatory. But let's jump in further. Vat? What? A German* state in Dual Universe ===================================================================================== A country, state, republic (etc.) with German cultural influences, modelled either after a modern day Germany or a somewhat imperial version (think of WW1 ... not WW2). Ideally filled with / supported by German speaking players but open to others in general in the end. This thread is supposed to promote the idea and to roughly assess interest in this idea through user commentary on the subject. TL;DR: Interested in (or against) a nation type of organization with more heavy German influences or mostly organized and founded by German speaking players for those and potentially others? Comment below. *Open to any German speaker including those from Austria, Switzerland and beyond - more on this below Inspiration and lore ===================================================================================== Inspiration from this can be found in a game called "Freelancer". Long story short, in the future there is a war in this solar system between an "Alliance" (the western cultures and factions) and a "Coalition" (you may have guessed it, certain Eastern countries or cultures). Over a long period, the Coalition finally gets the upper hand. In a last move, a hand full of Alliance sleeper ships break through a blockade and head for a far-away sector in space where they intend to rebuild, away from their enemy. The unique trait among the sleeper ships is that each mostly contained people of a certain heritage, and each ship would form a new state in the new sector inspired by it - you'd see four states in the game covering a state modelled after the United States, England, Germany and Japan, or those cultural influences respectively. Liberty - Bretonia - Rhineland - Kusari: Each a piece of the past, continued in the future. If you look at it superficially, the story there isn't overly different from the one we have in Dual Universe - sure, humanity does not appear to be at war with each other and rather trying to get away from Earth, just like those sleeper ships in "Freelancer". But is it too strange to assume that old things might be carried over into the new home? Let us look just look briefly at Freelancer again: Despite there basically being just two power blocks left in that long war, the survivors of the last battle still formed new individual states - just like the community in Dual Universe forms new unique factions. Is it that far off to see nations or states form based on culture. I don't think so, thus it seems that no matter how the world may have looked at the time of departure, we might find a logical explanation for this project and endeavour. Doubts? Specifics? That is up for debate - take part in it! What do we look for? What don't we look for? Specifics? ===================================================================================== This is essentially Phase 1 - trying to find volunteers for a basic foundation that may or may not grow over time. The German(-speaking) community, and then the general community will have to decide over time whether there is hard demand for this or not. The idea of a German state isn't just self-service for select few. There is a potential unique positive aspect: serving as general anchor or place to go for the German(-speaking) community and players to come later on. Why is it a state? The idea is to go beyond classic organizations and incorporate a wider array of people by default. Let's start with a simple definition or formula of what we need. Georg Jellinek once defined what would somewhat translate to "3-element-theory" in terms of what defines a state: People Territory An authority, a government, a ruling power The idea, therefore, is to later have citizens (think of main residents; next to guests, visitors, tourists, etc), a location in space, like a part of a planet like today, a complete planet, a partial / complete solar system or sector and some form of government. But how should it look like? That's yet uncertain. The initial idea is that it either looks like a modern Germany and parliamentary republic, thus, with votes of some kind or some eventual rotation of offices and what not or some more ... static structure, like some form of monarchy perhaps. This is mostly a choice for structure and changes and then a bit of style so far. There is no intend to revive any parts of actual history in how it progressed. No matter the form, whether there will be some Emperor or Chancellor as head of state/government or whatever, we look for a modern day approach to politics and thus no warmongering state or mentality unless things naturally develop like this. Diplomatic relations to other entities will therefore be expected. Who do we look for primarily so far? Right now, what is needed is people willing to support - either as future citizens or, ideally, as members of the government in some fashion or form who will form the foundation. Anyone can in theory take part, but for core government positions we look for German-speaking people due to the fact that despite translations, a lot will later be handled in German in internal or local communication on platforms or in the game, and to keep it somewhat authentic to some level. This may ease up later and change, open up, so to speak, but for now you should ideally be German-speaking, while you do not necessarily have to be from Germany or an actual German citizen. Austrians, Swiss and others can thus take part if they have sufficient language skills. For core government positions on an upper level, you ideally: have sufficient German and English skills (this is why this is in English in the first place and not German) are of somewhat more mature character or mindset when it matters can provide a certain time commitment per week are willing to actively take part and provide feedback while you respect others in the process It won't be a walk in the park, thus certain requirement must be set. These are just initial core expectations from what I can tell so far; Multimedia and other skills might factor in as well at one point. Interested? ===================================================================================== Simply express it here or send me a message. If there is enough (long-term) demand and participation, a formal organization can be created once certain specifics have been set. Other assets can then also be created or maintained.
  3. Discord: voice.grplanets.com or discordapp.com/invite/MJddkYt Forums: forum.grplanets.com - coming soon Galactic Republic of Planets - The Republic - URA Founded: 12.390.01 (Year: 12,390 - Month 1 or Year 1) Capital: Unkown (Alioth?) Legislature: Republic Council Official Language: Republic Basic/Standard Currency: Unknown - Republic Credit - Galactic Credit(which ever currency gets placed in game) Government: President of the Galactic Republic of Planets Republic Council Republic Guard Backstory The Galactic Republic of Planets was founded on 12.390.01 by Rison Gillard. (One of my Eve Online Characters and the name of my Dual character) Rison Gillard was among the first wave of individuals aboard the USS Novark - Along with Sohan Decker and others - to be awaken first in order to explore, exploit and report on the new planet found planet the Novark had landed on, Alioth. After a month of exploring, exploiting and learning. Rison Gillard learned that, all by himself, he wasn't going to get anywhere, thus decided to found a small guild of players, after which this became known as the "Galactic Republic of Planets" even though the only explored planet at the time was Alioth. The Year is now 12.390.02 and the Galactic Republic of Planets looks to a bright and peaceful future amongst the stars of the new galaxy. The Galactic Republic Government is divided into 3 areas all responsible on the different aspects of the Republic. Foremost is the President of the Galactic Republic of Planets, followed by the Republic Council and Lastly the Republic Guard. President:Commander-in-Chief of all Republic Guard Forces Head of the Republic Republic CouncilRepresentatives from each planet. Can declare war/peace Can remove a president Republic GuardThe Republic guard serves as the principal means for conducting deep-space exploration, research, defense peacekeeping and diplomacy of The Galactic Republic of Planets.The Republic Guard is broken down into the following sections;Republic Command - Republic Command is the headquarters of the Republic Guard. Republic Academy - Where all new recruits are trained. Republic Intelligence - Entrusted with foreign and domestic espionage, counter-espionage, and state security. Republic Operations - Main research and development branch. Republic Tactical - responsible for planning defensive/offensive strategies, as well as engaging in weapons research and development. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Starting Point/Stance: Due to the fact that the Republic will not be able to be a full republic at the launch of the game, with just one planet; It will start off as a Military Force which will then expand into is proper form -(at this moment it will take the form an already established community from another game ran by @Comrademoco; as a Fleet -Borg Defiants & The 1st Fleet- Feel free to join us in main game; Star Trek Online...). Republic Guard - Exploration, Research and Development, Espionage, Trade, Diplomacy. Commanding Officer (1 Spot) Responsible for the overall direction of the fleet, her ships and her crew. Head figure of the fleet, all responsibility falls on his hands. Chief of Staff (1 Spot) Responsible for maintaining the structure/command of the Fleet.Admiral (5+ spots) Responsible for the day-to-day tasks, maintaining the fleet's crew and her ships.Captain (10+) Responsible for running/maintaining a Republic Guard's ship (cruiser or bigger in size) and its crew under his/her command. Commander (20+) Responsible for running/maintaining a Republic Guard's ship (Frigate or Destroyer) and its crew under his/her command.Lt. Commander Part of ship's crewLieutenant Part of ship's crewEnsign Part of ship's crew How To Join All you have to do is reply to this thread or send me a direct message via here on the forums.
  4. Hello everyone My name (username) is Captain Nazeris. I love the space/sci-fi genre, and I am the proud creator of the NOVA Republic (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/nova-republic#tab-posts).I also have a Youtube channel and will be doing videos on this game(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOAtNc10g4K5-lTJ1cVNMyw)
  5. I didn't see any brony clans and I can't believe with 6000 backers we don't have several hundred weirdos who are into watching a cartoon for little girls and fanboying about it. "But this isn't a fantasy game!" OK so the goal of the Lunar Republic will be to create a recreational planet called Equestria where tech-saturated galactic citizens can go to unwind, chillax and advencation with miniature, pastel colored pony constructs. Or possibly biologicals if the universe will let us. All tech will be hidden underground and above will be a replica of a hugely popular 21st century media franchise. Administrative and defense installations will be established on the Equestrian moon and if it becomes necessary for us to use this as a base for galactic conquest in the name of justice and liberty, so be it! Praise Luna!
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