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  1. Unfortunately not, leadership disbanded after the other leaders went inactive. Sorry for that mate, the org might be revived at a future date but I would not keep my hopes up. I have joined Ministry and am planning on building the org back up through my company, if you want to join Ministry I highly recommend it! Good group of guys and really good, active leaders! Contact WhiteMEat#0726 on discord!
  2. Hello fellow citizens! Welcome to the Osiris Federal Republic! Organized around the ideas of freedom and prosperity, our organization gives our members complete freedom in how they wish to live within Dual Universe and their contribution towards the nation! The SFR is a democratic organization, one that promotes liberty and defends it from those who wish to rule with tyranny! From our vast new member programs, to our reward system, our government is here to support all our citizens! We believe firmly in letting our mem
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