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Found 3 results

  1. So, as you can probably tell from the name of the topic, is there currently a confirmed name for the in game currency? I feel like this information(if it exists) should be more widespread as currently I see it refered to as many different things, even by myself. Also, if the all seeing all knowing replies section does not know of any definitely confirmed (citations for sources please), may I suggest that as a community we start referring to the currency as GALACTIC UNITS (or units for short). If this post gets enough up votes which would suggest that we do need to decide on a currency name if one doesn't already exist, I will put a poll out on the forums with suggestions for the name, and let the community take it from there!
  2. Alright we are going to endlessly generated planets and star systems to be discovered, and we are going to need to name them, Now its not like we can just let anyone who meanders around into a system/planet get to name it. Here are a few possibilities. Who ever finds it, names it. : : This is a terrible Idea because we will likely end up with a lot of terrible named systems/planets that are simply trying to be named inappropriate things and done stupidly without thought. The first to place a territorial claim unit gets to name it. : : This is a better solution allowing organizations to have the right to name planets and systems. Keeps most of the riffraff out. Some kind of public auction where people are notified and players place their bids, winner gets to name it. : : Its possible, but I'm unsure how viable. Procedural generated names. : : While this leave no possibility of stupid names, it will cost more development time and borderline goes against emergent gameplay. Other thoughts suggestions?
  3. How is this going to work. Will we have multiple charcters with the same name allowed with an invisible number assigned to them or all unique names? Also will this just be your forum name or will be able to choose an in game nickname? Sorry if its a repeat I couldn't find a thread on it.
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