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Found 15 results

  1. This idea came to me while I was eating a waffle downtown, so I figured I would post it as one of my debate threads and see how it goes, and what develops from it. Debate 10: Weapons Modules This mainly stems from one of my previous debates as well as a few other current topics, specifically one about multi block weapons. While having multi block build-able weapons would be nice they are rather intensive to design and set up for the developers. "Correct me if I am wrong" Hand Based Tools & Weapons This started me thinking along the line of weapons modules, in this instance lets think about a standard pistol. The standard pistol is the base model that is produced en mass by your local market seller. However the pistol is modular, meaning you can replace the barrel, receiver, magazine, grip, ect. For instance if you wanted a full auto pistol you would switch the receiver module out with one that is full auto, or even one that is burst fire. While the pistol may look the same, "modules do not necessarily have to modify the appearance of a weapon" it does effect how the weapon performs, essentially making it a more specialized tool. Then if you wanted to turn that smg into something more accurate you could add a scope or a different grip module to it. The same applies to your standard rifle, you can modify its modules to turn it into a more specialized tool. For instance adding a longer barrel could increase your accuracy and range, and combined with a scope you would have a proper sniper rifle. Ship Based Tools & Weapons Along the same line of hand based equipment, your ship based equipment could follow the same line of thought. Everything could have slots for customization, everything from reactors, batteries, engines, ect. A great example would be that of a reactor, lets say for this example the reactor at hand has 4 slots available for customization, without those slots used the reactor will only produce a base x amount of power. Then you add in a fuel efficiency module into the reactor, meaning it uses less fuel to produce the base value x amount of power. Then you add in a generating efficiency module into the reactor, that boosts its base x production of power per cycle. So instead of producing 100% of power it produces 105%. There could be many other types of modules developed to add special features to your general items, and customize them to fit your exact needs. Ship turrets function in the same way, they have a set number of slots you can customize. Lets say for this instance the turret is a standard railgun, and has 5 slots available for customization. The first module added gives it a boost towards cycle fire rate, so instead of a base value of 100 fire rate its 105. You could make all 5 slots have cycle fire rate mods, or you could add in other special options. Module 2 and module 3 in this instance are capacitor boosters, which increase the amount of power the weapon can use to fire the railgun, increasing the speed of the projectile meaning instead of 100 its 110 damage. Then for modules 4 and 5, they are tracking computers. These tracking computers increase your turning rate on your turret. Meaning you can compensate and track your enemy faster. so instead of 100 it would be 110 boosted tracking rate. Economy Having modules would also open up a whole new industry that players could focus into in producing modules for ships and weapons. And different quality modules would effect the stat that the specific module boosts. Anyway - If you have any constructive criticism or support to add to the topic feel free to comment below. Feel free to expand on the idea to your whim. Just keep it nice and clean - no flames
  2. Debate 9: Tech Tree Thoughts The long awaited return of the old debate topics is upon us, after a long hiatus of working on my doctorate I have decided to return to them as we traverse this wonderful road to alpha. Today I awoke with a simple thought, "How are the developers of Dual Universe ie Novaquark planning on structuring their tech tree system?" As far as I see it there are several ways that it can be approached, however, to keep things simple I will limit it just two ideas on the subject. Feel free to read through it, take to heart my opinions, or feel free to formulate your own or expand on pre existing ones, all feedback is welcome. Linear Tree: ​This is the classic form of tech tree you see standardized in most games, it starts with usually a single item / tech then spreads along in a sub linear fashion, one tech leading to others along a fixed path. To me this is usually generalized and can end up fairly repetitive. Circular / Adaptive Tree: ​This form of tech tree is generally more complicated but it allows for greater diversification. It allows you to have specific areas of science/technology researched - that lead to other sections of the circle that unlock as you go along. In my opinion this allows technology to be approached in a non linear fashion that is never dull, instead allowing asymmetric progression through the system - focusing in one area one day - in another the next. Of course all of this is nothing but hypothetical, so feel free to do your own research on the concepts, post your thoughts, feelings, ideas below; and remember - just have fun! We will be there before you know it.
  3. So as some people may or may not know, EVE Online just announced some changes to its long held PLEX system, which the DU DAC system is heavily based off of. Based on the reactions of people, I thought it might be worth discussing that here and what people do and don't like about the changes they made. First off: what was the old system? The traditional system goes like this: Player A buys a PLEX from CCP for real money and then receives the PLEX in their character's inventory. Player A can then redeem the PLEX for one month of subscription time or sell that PLEX to Player B for ingame money/items. It's an elegant system that let's people play for free or gather more currency, depending on their circumstances without making the game be pay-to-win. DU's DAC system will function a lot like this. Today, they announced several changes: They split each PLEX into 500 pieces. They created a "PLEX Vault" which allows players to keep their PLEX safe. They merged PLEX with their other currency for buying cosmetic items. The idea behind this seems to be to make PLEX more accessible and easier to deal with, as well as reducing the need to have multiple ways to buy cosmetic items since they are all now going to be using the same currency. Not to mention trying to entice more people to buy it. However, there are some common criticisms I noticed. 500 is not a very good number to divide a month into; it would be much better to divide it into something like 720 so that each piece would be worth an hour. You still need to gather one month's worth of PLEX to actually redeem it, so cutting it down into smaller increments is rather pointless. The PLEX Vault is poorly explained so it may provide a way of eliminating the risk of transporting PLEX. Dividing it into more items might cause the overall price to rise. I do like the idea of having it in slightly smaller increments, like perhaps each DAC represents a week of game time, and could be redeemed as such. What does everyone else think?
  4. Its been a long while since I was working on the "Debate" threads. This is mainly due to the time constraints that I have been under due to my working to complete my degree. - yes, 4 years of college is a pain but in the end it is worth it. Now that things on my side are beginning to wrap up, I plan on bringing back the weekly installments of the "Debate" threads. These threads cover everything from theories about game mechanics - to suggestions as to implementation. As usual community participation will be more than welcome. Thanks once more, for your patience. And see you on the flip side. . . Also: You are more than welcome to check out the old debate threads. Linked Below \/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1212-debate-8-advancement-of-game-ftl/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1173-debate-7-modular-shielding/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1168-debate-6-types-of-e-war/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1152-debate-5-planetary-biomes-and-weather-effects/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1138-debate-4-potential-power-generators/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1126-debate-3-potential-of-the-character-creator/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1123-debate-2-sovereignty-units-and-iff-beacons/ https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/1113-debate-1-potential-weapons-classes/
  5. Greetings all! I come before you all today with a new addition to our community: The Dual Universe Historical Society. Several things struck me over the past few months: If other such games are anything to go by, the history of Dual Universe shall be grand and intriguing, and as fascinating as that of any Age or Empire in Earth's history. Why? Because this game will not be made of just pixels but also of every person who plays it. It will be built from the tears of every person who watches their Empire crumble, the sweat of every person who stays up late grinding time into this game, the cleverness of diplomats, the creativity of artists, and the inspiration of leaders. Hope, Anger, Revenge, Happiness, Greed, Humor, and Loss will all exist in this universe. To put it simply, this game will be filled with everything human, and a story with this much humanity deserves to be told, and to be remembered. There are a lot of wonderful people here from all over the world, from all over the political and social spectrum. There are young people, older people, students and businessmen, truckers and programmers, and this diversity will only grow as the community does. I have already had a few very good political discussions with people from other parts of the world, who have different perspectives on things than I do, and it has been a fantastic opportunity. There are a lot of people here with an interest in history, economics, politics and other such related fields. And so, I would like to create a place to bring all of these things together for the benefit of the community. I would like to create a place of scholarship, of learning and debate. I would like to create a place for us to take a break from the battles and learn more from each other. That's what the Dual Universe Historical Society will be. That's what it is. Because this is our story, and it deserves to be told. Discord: https://discord.gg/ecErPae Note: I am still setting all this up, and can't do it all alone. I am always looking for more people to assist with this project and will also be putting together a group of writers to produce content for the group. Check out the Org page and the Discord for more details. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dual-universe-historical-society#tab-description
  6. Here is an email from Novaquark about the topic of subscription. Hopefully this can elevate the beat to death debate of sub and pricing. Posted by Novaquark (Creator) Hi guys! Already 135,354€ and 27% covered! This is amazing! We can’t thank you enough guys, thank you for your support! So, this is the first update, and we wanted to bring some light on one important point. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the monetization of Dual Universe, and the question of the subscription model. Let us clarify here what we have in mind, so that you can see all the options we will offer: Free to Try “trial” access: there will be a free to try access to Dual Universe, with limitations on things like how much skill, money and/or space you can access to. The details of the limitations are not yet defined precisely, but it will be made such that you can enjoy the game and have a taste of its large scale potential. Pay to Play “premium” access at a price at launch that we will keep in the range of comparable products on the market (typically around $10-$13/month or 10€-13€/month depending on the country), decreasing when bought in large bundles: this is the full scale game, with no limitation. DAC access: Dual Access Coupons are items that you can buy on the in-game markets with the in-game money you make while playing, and that you can turn into one month of Premium play time. You can also buy a DAC from Novaquark to sell it on the in-game market in exchange of in-game currency. DACs will have a price of $18/€18 at official release (for reference, items similar to DACs used in other MMORPGs are priced around $20/€20). Alpha/Beta access: no subscription involved. As you can notice, the real money price of a DAC will be higher than the normal price of one month of subscription, which may have caused confusion as some people, quite understandingly, assumed that the monthly premium sub would cost as much as a DAC. This is not the case. We hope this helps clarify our future business model. The reasoning behind the choice of a Pay to Play premium access has been discussed in detail in a devblog post about monetization that we made in April. We believe this model is the best to ensure both a high quality of playing experience and the best possible support for our customers. Remember also that Dual Universe is meant to become a massive MMO experience: if we are successful we will have to run a large and costly cluster of servers, especially since we have this unique continuous single-shard approach. Again, the team at Novaquark wants to thank warmly all the 1700 backers that have supported us so far! Don't hesitate to spread the word and get everyone on board!
  7. Tonight - the debate I thought of bringing up is an idea on Modular Shielding. Essentially here is the shield idea in a nutshell: Modular Shielding: Essentially modular shielding would not use a singular shield generator, instead it will be using shield emitters that are placed on the surface of the hull to provide coverage. An emitter can be overloaded by sustained fire on that emitter grid. Having a reserve shield emitter grid as a backup would be critical especially for long drawn out confrontations. Shields are limited by the amount of power that can be dumped into them at a single time. They can be enhanced by various skills of players / engineers / technicians. Shields can have frequencies that enable it to protect from one type of damage better than others, however the downside of this is you are nearly entirely vulnerable to all other forms of damage. The upside is, if the enemy uses primarily one type of weapon - you can protect yourself very well against it, absorbing nearly all incoming damage. You must have a player engineer / technician on hand to change frequencies, and their skill effects the damage reduction ratios of the types of incoming damage. Shield generators are effected by the amount of energy that is rolled into them, the more input the more damage they can take. Varied on player skill as well. Anyway these are a few of my thoughts on how the shield system could go. What are your ideas on shielding, would you change how it is laid out? Did I miss anything? Anyway enjoy debating. . . and have fun.
  8. This weeks debate I am sorry to state will be delayed, due to the fact that I am in a fair amount of pain after surgery and that I do not exactly feel like writing. However, depending on how well my hydrocodine works tomorrow I will see if I feel up to attempting to write it then, but if not, I will likely be taking a few days off to re-coup to some extent. Suggestions for topics of debate are appreciated. And best of luck on the forums to you all. And for damn sake - please - some admin fix the typo I just realized I did in the topic name its Debate not Delate. Ugh... feel like a moron.
  9. Okay for this weeks debate I thought I would go off on a tangent and discuss a topic that interests me a great amount. As far as we know at the moment there are only two ways of FTL travel in-game, and they are tied together; one will not work without the other. Anyway what I aim to discuss tonight is a few other potential possibilities for FTL that would / could be available later on in the game, once people have access to more knowledge, and are more - industrialized. Potential Advancement of game base FTL - timeline: Of course we already know about the stargate probes and how they will be used as warp / jump beacons for ships to travel to distant solar systems - and that this process takes months apparently. Let me go ahead and note - this post will NOT be talking about probes, and that this post will make some speculation on potential game mechanics - so the post may later be annulled by validated information. Reminder "DO NOT DISCUSS PROBES" - this has already been covered many many many times in several posts. What it will be talking about are a few other potential possibilities that could be used within the game at later points in time to provide better travel time / speed, as long as you have the skills/knowledge to use said techs. Here is a list of potential FTL technologies that "could" appear after a base understanding of the stargate - jump gate and probe system. These will be in order of development / technological advancement / skill level. Warp drive: Will to the best of my knowledge be the first form of FTL that is accessible within the game - is used to travel to a stargate probe in another system. Uses large amount of power - consistent rate of energy consumption. {Ship Based} Jump gate / stargate: Will be a very large physical object that is used to jump between systems instantaneously. Requires a large amount of power - however energy peaks at jump - requires massive generators to deal with peak. {Station Based} {Fixed Object} Far as is currently known - these will be in the game in one way or another. Anyway here is a few potential ways of FTL that "could" be available later on throughout the game. Hyperspace: A faster form of FTL than Warp. Uses a large consistent supply of energy during usage. Requires a large surge or burst of energy at engagement of drive to tear into subspace to travel. Fairly large generator. {Ship Based} Jumpdrive: One of the last forms of FTL. Is considerably far more advanced than Hyperspace or Warp based FTL. However requires "MASSIVE" capacitor banks to store energy for the drive to activate. Will rely on charge rate to use the Jumpdrive. Jumpdrive itself will have a charge time - say 15-30 minutes, also the size of the Jumpdrive is massive - only large ships can handle it - as well as the support infrastructure required to operate it. It also requires near constant maintenance. The advantage is that the jump drive can cover a large distance instantly - no time to travel, and has no speed, you just blink into existence at your destination. Anyway these are simply theories on what could be available for transportation later on in the game, once the technological level of the civilizations are able to access, research, and use it. So what do you think of expanding the potential means later on the game for FTL. Should we have access to better forms of FTL later on in the game? What are your opinions on this? Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject - feedback is appreciated - and also leave a like. And remember to have fun debating!
  10. Okay for today's debate I thought I would bring up the subject of E-War, and how it may work within the game structure, and with ships / structures. As well as what forms of E-War may be around. . . E-War Candidates: Sensor Jamming: Form of E-War that blocks active sensors from detecting ships, can be used as a form of primitive cloaking field, only way to distinguish targets is manually - visually. Automated turrets can not lock onto a ship. Sensor Boosting: Form of E-War meant to boost current ship or allied ships via link - decreases lock time on weapons systems, and boosts active sensor sensitivity/radius. Emp Pulse: Form of E-War meant to temporarily disable shielded ship systems for a brief period. Sensor Scrambler: Scrambles lock on targets to make it appear there are several false contacts on scanners. Makes using auto lock far more difficult. Jump/warp/hyperspace inhibitor?: Field generator that prevents use of said forms of FTL in its radius. Hacking Module: Hacks ships systems causing the lua code to behave erratically. Potential automation failure. Firewall Module: Protects against effects of said Hacking Module. These are just a few of my rough ideas on E-War for the game. I am sure you all have your own interpretations of E-War so feel free to express them here - add on to my ideas - or even to ask a question. Meanwhile just have fun debating. . . #Curse damn MRI head scans, damn drugs I was on earlier today still have me feeling like shit. - Will try to do some extended posts over weekend hopefully.
  11. Have yet to see a generalized topic on this subject, so I figured I would compose something and then place it up for debate to see what you all think on the subject matter. There are several different ways weapons as I see can go in Dual Universe, and when your basing it off RND otherwise known as Research and Development, it may go something like this as you progress throughout the game. {Anything here is subject to change, and or new ideas} Base Game Starting Weapons: Auto Cannons - High rate of fire, low damage, decent against fighter defense or other assorted light or unarmored ships. Artillery - Long range, slow to mid fire rate weapon that deals fairly heavy damage against mid to large size targets. Dumb-Fire Rockets - Line of sight rocket for fast assault frigates or fighters & bombers against mid to large size targets. Short Range Cruise Missiles - Mid to Long range heavy damage weapon with some target acquisition and tracking abilities. Low yield Nukes - Heavy damage weapon just meant to obliterate targets, or demoralize the enemy. Maybe even use in instances of planetary bombardment? Flak Cannons - Low damage - Very high rate of fire - for protection against Rocket, Cruise, and Nukes. Then as you progress throughout the game then you may start being able to access research opportunities like this. . . Mid Game Weapons: Rail gun - Long range heavy damage weapon with armor piercing capability - requires massive power output to use effectively. Emp Bomb - Pulse weapon to disable or destroy un-shielded electronics and other assorted ship / station systems. Pulse Cannon - Early stage energy weapon, uses fairly large amounts of power to fire off a mid range damage projectile of energized matter. Capable of chewing through armor with ease. Now as you start understanding technology far better, this is where the "Interesting" weapons that will scare the hell out of you come into play. End Game Weapons: Beam Cannon - Late stage energy weapon that uses insanely massive amounts of power, fires continuous stream of energized matter {plasma ?} that is capable of obliterating armored targets. Knife to butter anyone? ? Other ? For all of the weapons no matter when they are researched they should have different tiers of each, meaning a higher tier rail gun for instance would still be viable later game while facing off against energy weapons. The only difference is to achieve the higher tier weaponry for the older tech would require significantly more research to keep it effective. Now there are things I have certainly forgotten to add to this list. If you have any ideas feel free to tack them on below. As well let us know what you think of these weapon choices, after all your opinions matter, especially if you want to see some of these weapons in-game, as a lot of us definitely would. As for the {Debates} topics, I will be trying to write one a day for the considerable future, so stay tuned to see what I might bring up next. Feedback is appreciated... so click that like button!
  12. Okay, since I do not feel that well tonight - I figured I would bring up a relatively simple subject that still holds some weight, and of interest to me personally. Planetary Biomes and Weather Effects: What I want to bring up for debate is if there will be weather effects in the game based either on planetary type or biomes. As well as the potential weather types that may be encountered and the effects that they may have on structures, ships, and other technology. Potential planetary types with weather: Temperate: Grassy biomes with wind, clouds, and rain effects. Weather can effect flight with lightning, communication interference, and wind blowing ships around. Desert: Sandy biomes / planets with windswept plains and mesas. Weather results in massive dust storms that can create lightning and disrupt ships systems, sand can also interfere with ships engines and other delicate electronics. Frozen: Ice and show biomes / planets with snow flurries, incredibly low temperatures that can cause massive blizzards that effect ship components. These are just a few of the possibilities, if you have any extensions to add; feel free to do so. Any other ideas are welcome as well as long as they pertain to the topic at hand. What do you think of weather systems added into the game? Do you think they should have an effect on ships and other components? Anyway - have fun debating. . .
  13. Today I thought I would talk about the different ways power could be generated in game. There are a great many things to discuss today, so lets get right into our topic. After reading around I have yet to see a huge amount talked about on the current subject so here is a few of my ideas on generators & power sources as well as potential effects and other assorted attachments. Low yield power generation: These forms of generators would more than likely be used early on in starting the game. Some of which may come pre shipped on the ARK, and fuel would be readily accessible to either produce or harvest. Solar power cells - not terribly efficient at generating power unless in massive arrays - require capacitors or batteries to store power long term. Are effected by weather effects. Bio-fuel Generators - essentially a generator that burns organic matter to generate heat to generate current. Potentially provides a use for trees - wood - and even coal as a resource. Would require water to keep cool, or just kept at low operating temperature. Geothermal - not sure if there are going to be heated areas on planets - but would be a interesting concept to go around. Provides easy infinite resource of heat to use to generate current. Downside - may be uncommon to find on planet, but when located do provide a inexhaustible source of current for running long term operations. Wind turbines - same area as solar - but instead of relying on sun they work on wind. Work far more efficiently in areas of high altitude, current generation is tied on cycle factor of wind being present. If wind is however not present - no current is generated. Hydro-electric - if there is water nearby it can be moved under pressure to generate current. Is limited to the amount of water stock piled, requires infrastructure to be built beforehand. Then as we progress along, we get towards the mid range of power generation. These generate significantly more power than the low yield tier, but some do have side effects and or things that can go wrong. The mid range tier is more suited towards powering ships and other larger objects, instead of ground based facilities. Mid range power generation: Fission reactors / Nuclear power - allows for steady generation of power via the use of enriched uranium - via uranium oxides / ores on planets and asteroids. Hazardous if containment is ruptured - radiation exposure throughout facility and or ship. Can cause fatalities. Suggest protecting in well hardened area. Generates enough current to power small ships and fair sized ground facilities. Fusion reactors - similar to nuclear except instead of trying to pull apart atoms it fuses them together. Hazardous if magnetic containment is breached - imagine plasma at the temperature of the sun leeching into your facility or ship. Can cause fatalities, and ship destruction. Suggest protecting in well hardened area. Cold fusion - far safer form of fusion - generates same amount of power - but occurs at room temperature instead of super hot environment. Then as we progress further down the line of research - you start to encounter ways of generating enormous amounts of power. Some of these are inherently hazardous to ship and person. So do keep a eye on em - and for goodness sake hope something does not break. The generators in this category would only be accessible after a significant amount of research time, and would require exotic components and minerals to be constructed, as well as a high level of knowledge to maintain and operate. Theoretical Prototype / High range power generation: Antimatter power generation - generates current via use of antimatter - Inherently very dangerous to ship and person if containment is ruptured and contact is made with normal matter. Capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. Expensive to maintain and harvest fuel. Zero point energy - generator that draws quantum energy from a vacuum. Requires significant materials to construct but is capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. No inherent danger. These are just a few of the ideas I had about potential ways to generate power in Dual Universe. Anyway what are your opinions on the choices? Did I miss anything? What are your ideas on power generation? Feel free to debate below. . . - and remember to leave a like, it is appreciated.
  14. Okay, today I figured I would bring this up for debate as I have not seen a massive amount on this subject yet. In a good character creator we need many things to make a game great, for one - a realistic character creator, hopefully nothing like ARK Survival Evolved with unrealistic postures and body sizes. Then perhaps a decently detailed character creator - a good example of which would at-least to me be Eve Online's character editor/creator. High detail models, with various aesthetic options to choose from. As we know we will be staring at these characters for nearly 90% of our time in-game. So for the most part we do not want to see some horridly misshapen character looking back at us. To create a good character you need some freedoms, mostly to choose body types, sexes, facial features, hair and eye colors; but it does not need to be taken to the extreme either. Where you have full access to the editing of arm, leg, hand, feet, and head sizes. That in my opinion is a total recipe for disaster, especially if the developers are looking to go for near complete realism within the game. Now there are exceptions as well in which would work quite well, for instance aesthetic options like tattoos, scaring, or augments, or external cybernetics like arms or legs would be a plus, even if they were part of a skin $ shop. Anyway I thought I would bring this to all of your attention and let you decide on the factors behind it. Feel free to comment and change my ideas around or even add on to them. You do not need to ask for my permission, I quite in-fact welcome the input. It helps the idea generation process. So let me leave you with a question: What do you think of the current Character Creation ideas? What would you do in the position of the developers in this instance? Have fun debating. . .
  15. Okay for this debate I thought I would bring up the topic of "Sovereignty and IFF Beacons." From what I have seen so far they plan on having a singular system that makes claims indestructible? If I am wrong on this feel free to correct me. Anyway, how I think the sov. and beacon systems should function is along the following lines. Sovereignty Units: Sovereignty units define system ownership, mainly the entity that controls the general region. For a sovereignty unit to function it should have a cost entailed or a monthly tax to operate. For instance a single unit would not be expensive to run - but the cost starts multiplying as you claim more and more systems, making you require more resources to keep your network funded and operational, with sov. held in those systems. Also a sovereignty unit should have a set time to online in which it is vulnerable to attack, so that a person or group of people cant just go system to system claiming systems. Claim units need to be invulnerable to damage unless war is declared on the system owner's group. Only then are the units vulnerable to damage from only those in the active WAR-DEC. Even with an active WAR-DEC a sov unit should have a massive amount of health - enabling a siege to ensue, and time for the owners to mount a defensive. A sovereignty unit should also make all stations immune to damage. Preventing the usual lone griefer from coming up and just firing off a few rounds at your station. Anything docked at a station should be invulnerable to damage as well. The only counter to the station invulnerability should be the active WAR-DEC system, in which only those who are declared at war should be able to damage the station. The next thing up for debate is a lot more forward of a system, and it also ties in with the sov units. IFF Beacons: These beacons are an object on ships that determine personal / clan / factional / corporate ownership. They broadcast a tag at close ranges for identification purposes. They also prevent unauthorized access to that ship. They do not as far as I see make a ship invulnerable to damage, they are only there for identification measures. Anyway, I am sure most of you have questions, or have a way or another to expand on this theory/possibility. If so feel free to post below. And remember to leave a like. . .
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