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Found 8 results

  1. Kurock

    KO Mechanic

    Before we can start with the KO mechanic, here is a quick recap of the current death mechanic in Dual Universe As death penalties go, financial loss, full body looting and location displacement are only beaten in harshness by perma-death (which thankfully, DU does not have). Other MMOs have death prevention mechanics. For example, Guild Wars 2 has a weakened downed state where the player character can crawl back from the brink of death or get a last shot in before collapsing. Albion Online and the future Chronicles of Elyria both have (sometimes) knock out states where the player character is incapacitated rather that outright dying. Potential DU knock-out game mechanic For massive damage, like from a ships gigantic cannon, or face-planting into a planet at 200+km/h, a instant trip to the resurrection node makes sense. In other cases e.g. small arms fire and not too far falls, instead the players avatar could be knocked out instead. While KO'd The player cannot act or move. Potentially even looking around would be limited. The player always has the option to force a respawn. The amount of time spent in a KO state could depend on many factors, such as damage taken, armor, skills, time since last KO etc. The players avatar can be looted for a smaller subset of items they are carrying e.g. weapons held in hand. Potentially limited bloodshot vision. This aids in deciding whether to hit that respawn button or not. After the time is up (could be a 20 seconds to minutes) the avatar can get up again with minimal health and potentially a limited time debuff. Why a KO mechanic? Incapacitation gives more options: A pirate boarding party that just wants goods, can incapacitate, take their pick and leave the tree to bear fruit for them again later. There is also a chance that friends may be near enough to protect the KO'd avatar and get them back on their feet. The player stays in the action a little longer (even if it is just to accept a coup de grâce from the enemy) Penalties (be it RP or with a reputation system) could be heavier for killing rather than incapacitating. Would you like to see a KO mechanic in DU? Do you have suggestions on how you would prefer it to work? Comment below. Edit: This thread also has some interesting suggestions for incapacitation: Further watching/reading: DU Kickstarter Ask Me Anything (Part 3): https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10215-kickstarter-ama-event-third-last-part/ DU Devblog Ressurrection Node Mechanics: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/10/10/resurrection-node-mechanics/ Albion Online KO/Death penalty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xk2VfcWvN8 Exploring MMO death mechanics: https://www.engadget.com/2014/01/15/mmo-mechanics-exploring-death-mechanics/ MMO Death Penalties: https://www.engadget.com/2011/03/24/the-perfect-ten-death-penalties/ and http://massivelyop.com/2016/03/05/massively-ops-guide-to-death-penalties/
  2. Sand, all up in my junk – Part 2 “RONALD” The world started to come back into focus around Stier, but the infirmary’s Interface was blaring an unfamiliar name at him. “MCNALDO?” Then it clicked. As far as the Arkship was concerned, that was his name. Before the ships left earth, occupants had to sign themselves into the new database after security checks. The UMF’s official records were on a much older system so the administrators were not able to import it automatically. During the sign-in process, some of the colonists changed their name and Stier wanted to see how far he could push it so he entered a phony one as a joke. He wasn’t able to change it of course, so he was teased mercilessly during the simulations. The infirmary’s interface was designed to look a bit like a smiley face. There is so much voice communication from the AI that having a face to go with the voice was supposed to be comforting. Waking from cryosleep or in the resurrection node was a traumatic affair, but this grim mask of death of an interface made it all worse during the simulations. In the flesh it was much more pleasant now that its entire surface is plastered in Greetz Puppy stickers. EDIT: Sticker now in user signature as reference. *Greetz Puppy was a pop-culture brand originating from the late 21st century. The brand went mega-corp prior to the establishment of the Emporium. As the UMF encountered funding issues with the construction of the ARK Ships, Greetz Puppy was one of the mega-corps that provided the rest of the funds needed for launch. These stickers or “cosmetics” were provided to the colonists as part of a marketing campaign. “WELCOME BACK TO THE ARK SHIP, YOU DIED!” stated the collage of stickers. A brief look around revealed that most of the medical bay was peppered in the things. Death wasn't nearly as painful as he thought it would be, turned out it was a lot like going AFK. A quick check revealed that Stier… Ronald actually, still had his starting balance of U2’s and all of his DAC’s. As predicted thieves only managed to steal some sand, and some now very sandy protein matter. Ronald topped up his personal energy and protein stores and headed down to the landing site. Town wasn’t what he was hoping it would be by now. There were only a couple of polished-looking permanent structures and the earth was littered with pits and scattered shapes matter-formed out of dirt and stone. The MODs (Maturity Office Directors) have been quick to remove the obviously phallic shapes, but the more abstract ones loom around the landing site like a lower-school Stonehenge. The most active Alphas have either already left the safe-zone or are still AFK (away from konsciousness) from the Beta. Shortwave chat data is mostly omegas trying to figure out how to use their Nanoformer, or Betas trying to rob each other. Ronald had an idea that it would end up like this. Transitioning from the Alpha simulations to the Beta revealed a critical design flaw of the Nanoformer. The Nanoformer taps directly into the nervous system for its input, which allows the user to collect, deposit, and form matter with only a little practice. That asset is also its flaw, since much like many of the body’s organic systems, it behaves erratically when that neural connection is violently severed. When you die your bowels tend to… evacuate, and so does your Nanoformer. U2’s and DAC’s were never matter to begin with, and were tied to DNA to prevent violent theft from becoming a problem, but this flaw in the Nanoformer made it possible. Beta was a bloodbath compared to Alpha, and the real deal is turning out to be quite a bit like simulation. Welcome to the Wild West. Previous update here https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/10052-sand-all-up-in-my-junk-part-1/#entry32895
  3. Idea: When you die, for whatever reason, your ingame skilltree gets reseted or downgraded (setting you back to the previous stage in each category as an example) Concept behind: If you die, you respawn with a ressurection node, but this thing only has a blueprint of you, it doesn't know what was going on in your brain. You learn the skills over time while Aphelia, the AI, is manipulating your brain. If you die, the ressurection node loads a old version of your body and brain Pro: -You would fear the death -you would play safer -it would be more realistic -you would accept going in jail rather than commiting suicide, justice systems would make much more sense -pirates would not attack big stations just to "see if it works" (if you ever played space engineers you know what i mean) -Experienced players would be much more valuable -taking hostages would mean something -There would be less "Shoot on sight"-activity -bounties woud make much more sense -most organisations would try to avoid war -taking out a good pilot can change the battle because after respawning he would not be able to drive the ship anymore or less effective -war strategies would change from making most damge possible to avoid killing civilists Contra: -It could get really frustrating -it would be kind of unfair Let me know what you guys think about this!
  4. I wonder what are the consequences when character dies what happens next ??
  5. I wonder what are the consequences when character dies what happens next ??
  6. Well as we see in no mans sky temperature plays a factor in survivable environments. So my question, or suggestion, is would we have to face Environmental threats like: sub-zero temperatures Scorching Temperatures Dangerous Fauna Strong Gravity Low Gravity Blackholes Meteors Asteroids Meteor showers Solar Storms Radiation and basically anything else you can think of? Cause honestly I would like to have these elements cause it makes it more challenging to find worlds to settle down on. like say there is a planet that has radiation pools but parts of the planet have sustainable living areas. But the radiation pools have some really rare resources only found in those pools. You would have to get a suit or a ship that can survive the radiation and allow you too access those materials. Thats just a Example though. thoughts?
  7. Death without penalty is meaningless so it would be cool to get some long lasting effect on death. Ideas below. Resurrection timer: after 3 deaths you would have to wait 60 minutes or so. of course you could play an alt character until. Skill penalty: i think i dont have to explain this changed appearance: i mean scars and such things
  8. I'm just curious to know how long the community things it will take until one of us die. Answer the poll and post below any other ways you can think of them dying and who it might be.
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