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  1. We are a modified Diarchy and Empire dedicated to military, economic, scientific, and architectural superiority! IMPORTANT: We strive for an extremely active org. As such we will not be subject to the inflated numbers that come with accepting people into the org that do not have the game. If you don't have the game yet and you plan on getting it soon and want to join, you may join our discord with limited access to channels until you get the game. Once you get the game, you will be able to get accepted on here and join all citizen voice chats. AE is for players who want the security of an org with a professional military, the efficiency of well-run cities, the freedom to create their own businesses without heavy regulation, and the low taxes of minimal government. Until the game has 100% uptime and possibly after that, we will be hosting community game nights to strengthen the bond between players in our Org. We are focused on having an active and proud player base. If you want to join a guild and contribute to building a country with huge cities, a vibrant economy and a formidable military join us! Here are our discord and community page links: https://discord.gg/2awQFe https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-apeiron-empire
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  3. Situations like this are a perfect chance for landscaping orgs/construction orgs to be valid. Want to build somewhere but don't want to clean it up? Pay someone else to do it.
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    Hello everyone! I am Atlas, I will be getting the bronze pack soon and will hopefully be creating an org with my long-time best friend Mandband. He and I have been playing strategy games together for years, from Civ to Victoria 2 to hearts of iron 4. He has always been the better long-term war tactician and I have been more focused on city management/optimization. I think this started with an early love for Minecraft towny. I love the idea of structuring settlements in the most efficient ways to make citizens the most prosperous. Of course, this is not because I am completely selfless, but because I want to benefit from innovations made by my citizens and I want to increase their income because we get more money for the org that way! (% based tax) So the best way for me to do that is to create a situation in which my citizens can prosper! It is the most honest win-win there will be in the game. What are your intentions for this game? Where do you want to see yourself?
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