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    KOOLLAYDTAC got a reaction from Borb_1 in Do you play EVE Online?   
    I quit playing Eve years ago. I personally and just my own opinion on what I personally look for in an mmo found it more often then not dull. Nothing against the game. It is a legend in it's own right in it's genre. I just didn't find it to be as immersive to me as I did when playing Star Wars Galaxies. There are not many games if any at all in my eyes that can even hold a candle to that game. Especially the Pre-CU era as in my opinion that version of the game is still unmatched even by today's standards. I found the time grind in Eve very unrealistic and not very engaging at all so it was when I found myself logging in Eve to set a timer on skills and then logging out to actually go play another game that was more fun that was my telltale sign it was time for me to call it quits. The only time I actually remotely had any fun playing Eve was when I participated in those large scale space battles. Aside from that it just didn't grab me.
    Now if your a person who likes top down games like the Starfleet Command series or Star Trek Online then I do highly recommend Eve if that is your thing. If your looking for a full meal deal package like what Star Wars Galaxies provided then I have yet to see a game do that successfully. That's not to say that there are not alot of great games out there though. I've played many and enjoy them all. None of them are the full meal deal package though.
    DU makes me think of games like Empryion , Entropia Universe and the The Repopulation in the way it looks, but closer to Space Engineers in the way that it plays from the videos I have seen. Not the most engaging style of game play I have ever seen to be entirely honest about my opinion on the matter. While the concept of a single shard or server basically is great in theory I can see the potential for a lot if not a buffet of problems down the road once it is placed in actual practice.
    My predictions are if they stick to the open world anyone can effect anything method of game play will be at first everyone will enjoy it. Then there will be issues with grieffers  at some point. There will be people who do not want to engage in the pvp element of the game. I am almost positive they will get flooded with reports and complaints of various things happening to them with in the game. I am sure there will be some refund issues going on as well too. I am also fairly sure some changes will at some point be made to accommodate that which in turn will take away from the original free element of it being an open world anyone can effect anything type of game. I am willing to even go so far as to bet they will even consider if not actually set up a separate server or shard as they want to call it for pve and one for pvp so you can choose what to play on thinking that will solve and fix all their problems. So the single shard server aspect I can actually see flying straight out the window at some point in time and it being a double shard basically. lol I am sure that will be rationalized as each server is it's own shard so in a sense from a technical stand point of view it is still a single shard server. lol That's just a few examples of some of the problems I can see them having in the foreseeable future.
    The concept of DU is a great one in theory as I have said, but in actual practice I am not so sure it will go down so well for them. At least in Eve Online one of the reasons it worked out so much better for them was there are ways to avoid pvp for those who only want to play the pve portion of the game. That was the thing I liked about Star Wars Galaxies as well. In that aspect I felt SWG definitely had a perfect balance to it's Universe. There was a clear line drawn in the sand and you could walk on either side of the fence in the world with out having it effect your game play. That's one of the reasons why it had the status and respect that it did. A side from the fact that it is still the best space mmo ever made to this day. Anyway that just my own personal opinion on the matter. Hopefully it will all work out for the best.
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    KOOLLAYDTAC got a reaction from geronimo553 in Recommendation regarding system specs. for your game.   
    Oh wow. Well I at least have a better understanding on how your seeing that. Thank you for clarifying that btw mate. I am going to try to elaborate as best as I can on that. That was totally not the message I wanted to put out. I don't rock and roll that way and that's not what I am about. I'll try to do my best to clarify on my end some.
    Since 2015 which I won't go back no more then 3 years because I don't consider a 3 year old PC to be old IMO. It's safe to say we had a huge jump or spike rather in what we can upgrade our rigs to. It went from 8 gigs of ram to 16 and then 32 and now you got rigs out there with as much as 192 gigs of ram. Now that's crazy, but it exists. lol Now video cards you can get them from 1 gig on up to 12 gigs maybe even more, but the latest titles being released minimum specs 2 gigs and that's just to start off. Big difference from 2015 in just that short time frame.
    The point I was actually trying to make is not everyone is going to be able to keep up with that pace. Not with the economy the way it is today. That's not even touching the OS because and speaking for myself now as well on this one. There is a lot of us gamers who absolutely will not touch Windows 10. So for just as many people who do like it there are just as many out there that do not. I always found limiting a game to one operating system to be extremely restrictive.
    Take Entropia Universe for example. This is a mmo game that has been around for years. On max settings this game looks just as beautiful and polished as the game play videos I have seen of Dual Universe. Yet this game can be scaled down to run on lower end pc's if need be by tweaking the settings for performance. I would ask how could that not be more appropriate for what DU wants to achieve? The goal is to create a massive virtual universe. What could be more necessary in doing that then creating one that can reach the masses?
    At the end of the day they will do whatever it is they decide to do. Now myself personally I am ok with which ever way the wind blows on this. I probably should have just made up a random example instead in order to make my point because unless I am asked I do not speak for anyone other then myself. I do put points of views out there I think other people may have. I was tossing numbers out there as an example of what could happen and my goal was to show that if they opened themselves to considering this avenue then those people who may not have the cash for a new pc will more then likely at least be able to afford and be more then happy to part with that $15 bucks a month subscription fee to play your awesome game and it will generate you extra cash flow and funding for further development of your game. So rather then loosing X amount your actually opening yourself to making X amount toward this goal. Which at the end of the day that is what it is all about.
    Anyway I am going to stop right here before this turns in to much much more of a book. lol I did want to break it down some more though where my head was at on this mate and I am kind of hoping that maybe I expressed myself a little bit better this time around. lol I do get where your coming from and I understand it. I am sure I have even said the same with other types of games out there. Given this is an mmo however and one I see alot of potential in which I haven't said that about one in years lol I felt the idea was at the very least worth mentioning. I also wanted to say thank you so much for the clarification on how you read that because that was so not the message I wanted to send. lol Also thank you for the holiday cheer mate and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas as well too my friend.
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