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Hello, fellow pilots. I am Legate! Honestly don't got much to talk about in the ways of myself, just a guy who really loves space stuff. I was a bounty hunter in Elite Dangerous, I'll still be venturing out into the stars, hopefully not running head first into a star. Last time that happened, I was switching youtube videos and happened to run into a blue star...not fun.


Anyways, ran out of fuel in my Arkship on my way out to some random star system. We are stuck in one of the orbital paths of Alpha Centauri Bc. The rest of the crew tried to escape...that didn't work. I'm the last one on this ship, luckily, there is WiFi out in space. We are out of fuel, but I'm not running out of food or water for the next few years. Gives me time to just let my thoughts go through space as I'm still drifting through.


Can someone bring me a clock, some toothpaste, magazines, Oreos, A birthday cake that I missed 2 years ago, my bills, checks, and a new laptop.



Dan moved away from the window, kind of miss him now.

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