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  1. can you remove the quote citation. because it maintains the link of the trello.

    1. CoreVamore


      Done  ;)


  2. i have starting in DU to my heavy builder ill. i m triyng to build the more bigger hovercraft and it's really a problem with all this tree on the map :)))
  3. i m jadam. i have playing to landmark and i m one of master builder. Some of picture to remind this period. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126608274@N06/albums
  4. discordauth:Kd1sHZ9xvMnUgJQMNvrrqmRaMqx-PJjaqelVNjdfv2U=

  5. voxel tool: Add differents color's icon in function of type of tool Exemples: Blue = Engineer tools, Green = explorer tools, Yellow = Builder tools,
  6. discordauth:Kd1sHZ9xvMnUgJQMNvrrqmRaMqx-PJjaqelVNjdfv2U=

  7. discordauth:Kd1sHZ9xvMnUgJQMNvrrqmRaMqx-PJjaqelVNjdfv2U=

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