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    In every good space opera, there's a soundtrack to go along with it. I think that it'd be neat if players could play certain sounds or connect their spotify for others to hear.
  2. The Marauders --- The Marauders are a loosely connected society of space pirates. Are you and your friends planning to go the space pirate route? By associating with the Marauders, you'll always have an army of players at your disposal. From outposts to backup ships, you'll always have a home in the cold, unforgiving galaxy. Everyone in Dual Universe is either in a massive city organization or a construction company, but everyone seems to forget about the pirates of the universe. Plunderers. Treasure hunters. The danger of the skies. Pirates will do whatever it takes to get Quanta. Now, you may be thinking "wow, an organization composed of griefers? sounds horrible." You'd be wrong. Danger is the flavor of the galaxy. Without the varied organizations the game would get boring quickly. The players are creating the game. Someone has to play the 'enemy.' the Marauders' work is primarily plundering ships and raiding outposts, with some hired work sprinkled in. --- Crew One For now, Crew One is the Marauders. Crew One is the first crew to kick start things, and the one that I'm hiring for. If we're a success upon launch, I'll spread the word and adopt more pirates into the Marauders. Crew One is based upon mythological and historical pirates. Think Pirates of the Carribean. Now, this doesn't mean that we'd go around screaming "Yar harr!" or roleplaying a lot, it's merely to differentiate us from other pirate groups. We'll use flags like the Jolly Roger and model our ships after certain boats. Also, there's not a huge naming scheme. The second crew won't be called "Crew Two." Crew One just sounded cool and seemed to signify that it's only a concept right now. I'll list the positions open; Captain - MrBluesky. This position is closed. First Mate - TBD. This position is closed. Master Gunner - This position is open. Gunners x 6 - Six positions are open. Navigator - This position is open. Lead Architect - This position is open. Architects x 6 - Six positions are open. Lua Programmer - This position is open. Pilots x 4 - Four positions are open. That's it. If you're interested, say so in the comments and I'll give you a discord link. No community page as of yet. Are you ready to sail the stars? Live a nomadic lifestyle? Explore the galaxy while earning quanta daily? Join Crew One! (booty will be split between the crew fairly evenly)
  3. I've been following this game on and off for about a year now, but I've never visited the forums nor made an account. I decided that today I'd make an account and join the community. I've always been interested in the concept of a virtual metaverse, and this game seems like a massive leap forward. I can't wait to land on Alioth.
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