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    Aislynn reacted to Dhara in Are we absolutely sure about a pay by subscription model?   
    I'm sorry, this is one of my hot-button issues.  For the life of me, I will just never understand why people think that MMO games should be free.  I just don't get it.  Programmers spend years and years to learn their trade and then years and years to make a game and in the case of games like this, they then pay years and years of sever costs, maintenance and updates to continue providing access.  Not to mention the innovation, risk taking and passion game devs have is unlike any other service that I have ever paid for.   But people still want them to be free?!

    On the other hand, these very same people will buy a $600 phone and agree up front to pay anywhere from $50 -$100 or more per month to use the darn thing for at least two years or they are in breach of contract.   They seem to have no problem paying places like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon $10 a month forever to see reruns of movies that they have, most likely, already seen that took a fraction of the time and money to make and are not near as entertaining as a good MMO.  But no one seems to have a problem with that.   There are tons of similar examples that i won't go into, but I'm sure you get the gist.

    So what is it about games that makes people like you believe that its ok to even suggest that other people work for free and even cover any costs they have to pay to provide you untold hours of free entertainment?   How does anyone think that's a reasonable request?
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    Aislynn got a reaction from yamamushi in Are we absolutely sure about a pay by subscription model?   
    I am more than happy to pay 15 - 20 dollars per month for a game like this.   If it is 15 dollars a month and I spend 4 hours per day, that is about 13 cents per hour entertainment value.    If I go to the movies, I can rarely get out for less than 25 dollars...so around 12.50 per hour to entertain me.   And based on how long I spent in EVE, I will probably average a good deal more than 4 hours per day with a game like this.   Heck, I could spend an extra hour working overtime in RL and pay for 3 months of subscription at that price.
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