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  1. You guys are really acting like child Just so you know, I am not a fan of star citizen or whatever the game is. I came here for answer, proof You can call like you want I don't care
  2. I came here to clear out the case on those weird space ships, you gave me the answer. In the first place I just wanted to warn people about a possible scam, my first intentions were not bad. BUT it seems like the community in the forum is not really open to criticism, they were just basically here to insult me instead of trying to solve the problem. So yeah my bad
  3. We had base and realism, that why the devs came here to clear things out Thank you DEVS for details about that ^^
  4. They are mad, because people are using criticism against their favorite game ^^ Freedom of speach ^^
  5. It could ! We can't even trust the first trailer of the game... ? We need more information about pretty much everything... I don't understand how you guys can be that hype :/
  6. I will laught on your ass when the TRUTH will be seen. For the moment, you can't really prove that what i'm showing is false, same for me.
  7. They must not write this then : http://imgur.com/a/r4hVJ Cause that is lying to people.
  8. Da fuck ? I never said that ! Do you really think that people will even read your report ? More than half gamers will just look a video of it, and then decide if they buy it or not. There is not that much gamers that do deep research... I'm not trying to be mean or a troll, i'm just warning people of the situation.
  9. Sure you can , but now you are aware of what's going on. Personally i'm waiting the devs give information of those models. I really hope that this game can compete with Space engineers ^^
  10. It's not only about alpha members, they are misleading gamers. They are lying about the building system. And in the future, when they will release an early access, a lot of people are going to buy that game. It's actually illegal in Youtube, False advertisement . And my question is : Why did you guys ( devs ) lied about those models that we see in the trailer, why are you hidding it ?
  11. In the first place I thought the same, inspiration. But when you actually watch the screenshots, you can actually see the curve in the model in some pictures http://imgur.com/a/wOgDs I'm sorry but these space ships have wayyyy to much details to be in a "blocky sandbox" second of all, there is just too much similarities between http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/scifi-spaceships-cruiser-fighter-3d-model/782086 and that http://imgur.com/X6Vw1qD
  12. You don't want to see the truth... That's why you are not anwsering THAT question My goal is to get answer from the Devs, not " alpha members " and guess what ? They will never answer it, cause the didn't thought that we will find out what was behind those enormous space ship. They are just misleading customers to a complete different game. I really hope that they will not for the "early access" that would be their final stop.
  13. They just retextured ( http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/scifi-spaceships-cruiser-fighter-3d-model/782086 ) The form, the scale and the details are exactly the same.
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