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  1. From a lore perspective, DU has several centuries of technology advancement over real-life, plus whatever was done by the AI on the journey to Alioth. Currently weapons systems are VERY far behind in proportion to the other technology present in DU (Warp Drives, Pocket-Dimension-Based Storage, Teleportation, Respawning by using alternate-realities of the avatar, etc.) We have all of this, but current weaponry consists of lock-and-fire elements with less range than their real-life counterparts. IMO space-faring ships should not use voxels as armor, as the weapons fielded by Noveans
  2. Fire Good for burning down terrain, bases, ships, and people. Also add a way to extinguish the fire.
  3. I believe that the box crafts that you see fighting in space will stay in space. Keep in mind that there are no planet-based restrictions in space. Once planet PVP is a thing, ship designers will have to address gravity, atmospheric resistance, terrain, and anything else that NQ adds to planets by that time. In space you can fly a cannon box, but in atmosphere you're going to need something resembling an actual ship, so you don't crash. I agree that the safe zone should stay PVP free, that way new players can get acquainted with the game without worrying about being blown apart. A
  4. I've been watching this game's development for several months and am looking forward to it's release.
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