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  1. I see... I will think a better name, I can¡t wait for the NDA lifting but im sure I will see what's happening with my own eyes soon, When are the Alpha starting by the way? Is there any date?
  2. (Force Field Unit is a temporary name. What do you think it should be?). I think a good name could be Magnetic Coil, which creates a Electromagnetic Field around it which deflects energy weapons and cinetic based one. Also is a good notice that I would be able to progress in my first minutes playing whithout worring about PKers and Pirates. For sure that there will be recruitment zones made by Organizations in order to recruit newbies and introduce them in the game among them.
  3. Thats a beautiful model, but which is the role of that ship? Personal Transport?
  4. I think ramming ship shouldn't be implemented... I mean if you really want to ram another ship, you will ned a very very fast engines because the other ship will have a lot of guns or strong armor and will be a waste of material for nothing, because in the moment that there are 2 or 3 ships, you will ram one, leaving it disabled but the other two will crush you by the time you are turning to one of them.
  5. I think tha track are a good Idea but unfotunately It won't be implemented, just for the physics calculations that are required and that will lag out the server. The hoverpads are also a very nice option fro ground vehicles since there is a lot of things to do with them.
  6. Hola! My Nickaname is Elobo and Im from Spain, I discovered this game few months ago and really wanted to play so Im going to pledge for the Alpha 2. Im interested in building and warfare, also on trade and housing. I expect a lot from this game and Im sure im not going to be dissapointed with this community and of course the marvelous Dev. Team. See you in the verse!!
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