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    Radar Tech

    First off I would like to say that with special blocks like radar, I recommend introducing them in almond with engineering challenges. While bearing server load in mind, I recommend introducing the basic radar and stealth technology so that players can design their constructs to have a lower RCS, or radar cross section which is a the 2D size that an object appears on radar at a certain distance. The reason why I suggest incorporating the more simple aspects of radar/stealth is because almost everything is scaled. For example an object RCS of 0.5 square meters will show up on a long wave length radar system from 35km away while an object with a RCS of 1 square meter will appear on that same radar from 70km away. Please not that I am not implying that radar detection with RCS does scale on this ratio are there are many factors to consider like the fact that an object can have a different RCS depending on its angle to the radar. I only mention this scale system because I believe that it may suggest that such a system may be relatively easy to process mathematically potentially having a manageable impact on server load. Here is a helpful YouTube video that also mentions rada absorbing materials I also think it’s worth mentioning that if radar absorbing materials were introduced as well, it would likel be a good idea to simply make them lessen the RCS in scale or making the material offer some sort of mild bonus to stealth to lessen server load and balance the material by making it weaker to weapon fire and increase production cost. My friendly recommendation in general is that incorporating systems like these offer more engineering challenges to overcome making the industry more valued and increases demand which will add a lot of flavor to the economic system by offering more than trading resources. I appreciate all your development and community efforts, I look forward to experiencing your dedication.
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