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  1. discordauth:f_2J-jG_PqkhZF0XWqjBfR-ByiFSbOtNgKWNMocWcDE=

  2. I dunno about you guys, But I'm already dreaming of a communal sports and or E-event Club!!! Patrons of said club can pay a nominal entrance fee and owners of said establishments can play Pay-per-view and/or Free view footage of events! But maybe that's just lil' ol' me. +1 for Streaming capabilities so long as it doesn't bog the heck down out of the servers!
  3. HyenaDog


    Even in future fiction I've seen Parachutes used to control the decent of fast movers. Unless our characters are super soldiers with suits capable of mitigating the damage (pulling from Halo Spartans and ODST Drop pods here) Parachutes may be fairly old tech - but it aint broke, so why fix it? As someone who will be utilizing a VR headset at times for my DU experience, I find the idea of descending onto a planet or base jumping an experience! I don't really see the idea fitting in with NQ's plan though - May not be the experience they're hoping to deliver! But the Hope is real! I have to agree with you Haunty - A wingsuit decent Would be totally Dec.
  4. Awh Heck, I can say as a West coast Canadian we judge Travel Distance in Hours, spitting distances in feet, Intimates in inches, and precision sizing in millimeters... I mean, I'll get by no matter what units you use... But if its all metric, I'll be thankful o7 Btw I'm stealing that chart for my toolbox Commander, I hope you don't mind
  5. IMO A complex Crafting system would make it not necessarily unique game (as multiple levels of crafting to receive an end product is pretty commonplace in some top tier games) But would certainly make it Interesting! Making the value of higher tier items Genuinely more costly because of the time cost associated with it. Causing markets and peoples to specialize in particular elements or products as opposed to just the refined part. While it may Deter some, It's certainly an attracting mechanic to me!
  6. Cheers to both of you! Thanks for the welcome
  7. Just some Skookum Hoser from the frozen s***-hole of Hoth, Pardon my Fran├žais du canadien. This game caught my eye from yonder back a ways and seeing as there's an opportunity here to invest in a concept I love! In a company that shows a lot of promise, and a community that seems as ecstatic as I! Recently Purchased the Patron (as I had Purchased Sponsor earlier last month) and I have absolute faith that It was the right decision. Respect to you Mods, Admins and Devs! as for the rest of you knuckleheads, Can't wait to meet you space Side Edit: clarity!
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