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  1. Bump another 2 weeks... i am glad i don't have to sub this game... I am sad i cannot use what i've spent money on.
  2. Hey Guys, i am wondering if something like this is already established or exists? I was experimenting before 0.24 killed my Shadow PC with some basic stuff like sending lua tables within multicore structures (as IP-Header replacement) and static routing. Dynamic Routing for S2S or S2B Communication is something i haven't touched yet, but would love to make it work. Novean Institude of Standards seems to be dead
  3. @blazemonger Sorry i can't agree. We simply don't know what kind of issue this is, so we can not guess the importance OR if this has potential to cause even bigger issues in the future. There is a huge difference between knowing the root cause of an bug and actual fixing the bug. Just an example, what can cause the delay: They have already found a possible fix for the problem, but they cannot test it because you do not have access to a machine from Shadow... We all know how long the waiting times are for access. All we can do is guess... But keep calm, stay friendl
  4. We are aware, that this is Game in Alpha Stage and still under development but if you call this a bug on Twitter, please handle it like a bug. Don't close tickets as "resolved" with the solution "Ask Shadow Support". Closing tickets as resolved conveys to me that no further work is being done on a solution. 🤔 I am an early supporter and I have been actively following the development of Dual Universe for the last 5 years, Cloud Gaming is the only way for me to play the Game. Without cloud gaming support Dual Universe is for me basicly a dead game.
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