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  1. While I appreciate the effort put into the project. I'm not going to authorize to yet another bot ran by a community member of whom I know nothing of. Moreover, if that database or how I'm being authorize is not public available and approved by Novaquark, I'm not putting my account in risk by allowing 3rd party discord owners know who I am in discord. Just stick to the official one by Novaquark. Thank you.
  2. What makes this different from the one the community already uses in the official Discord?
  3. discordauth:0NjAevpEC3sGhjS3Q3IGtqgnLhBBmrmN5ZKWnN5CZ1Y=

  4. discordauth:0NjAevpEC3sGhjS3Q3IGtqgnLhBBmrmN5ZKWnN5CZ1Y=


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