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  1. What kinds of avatar design choices might players have access to in game? Though we don't know much on the subject yet. I'd like to express a few viewpoints and also see what the rest of the cool kids think. Lore wise - most likely everyone will be human looking, we can assume, even if great breakthroughs were made in science for genetic modifications probably not many were made just for show, that is to say ones that weren't necessary to escape the tragedy approaching earth. Questions around when players are allowed to create characters. Preset bodies versus scale-able ones. Will there be multiple body types to chose from if they are preset? Such as Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Tall Adult, and so forth. for the purpose of better attaching things to the polygons, clothes, weapons... if we are allowed sliders to scale the models, will we start with a pre-defined base model like the Teen or Adult and then make that model bigger or smaller within some kind of preset boundaries? If I'm playing as an adult, and there is a in game editor, will I be able to change from Adult to Kid/Teen, the science presented in game is quite futuristic, I think the repercussion would be drastic changes in body shape are hard on the body's cells and it may take several days or weeks before you could change your type again. Me, we, the community should understand the team is going for realistic graphics, I look forward to seeing what becomes available, personally I love cute things and if I have to look like a troll I'm going to find an old astronaut helmet and never take it off.
  2. Aheh.. yeah Its a little leftover thing from the time when I enjoyed playing Star Wars Galaxies. There were many classes. two of which were chef, and smuggler. Chefs made food that gave decent buff's, smugglers made contraband (drugs) that also gave buffs, the contraband was strong for a few minutes and then after the buff was over you would be debuffed for a period of time, you could also be scanned for contraband, by npc's, and charged, or shot at in some cases.
  3. I do agree that social aspects will be a major influence, and the emergant gameplay that is often referenced will likely be one of, if not, the driving force behind story lines after the game starts. Were still in a interbellum of sorts waiting for the rest of the official story to flesh out. We have the building blocks though, Ark Ship, survivors, new civilization, nanoformers, and other post modern science elements, nanopacks that bend space, resurrection nodes. More ideas, always good, I know I have my fair share of ideas that I just spout out. Even though I do so I think its best to slowly approach Social content like Music Streaming, or Voice over IP, Heavily scripted club devices, lights, dancefloors, particle effects. Just because these elements can have significant impacts of load performance. Just image a 300 ship battle with 900 players, and 40 ships have dance halls with multiple music streams going, not only are all the movement actions, gun shots, and shield deflections trying to process, but there are people pulling out droids with lighting and particle effects, dancing, streaming and so forth. We players will also need to consider our own computers performance capabilities as in, if you are paricipating in this battle and jamming out, and also recording video, it can be quite taxing. Maybe there would be hard coded limitations prohibiting some content in space or on planets. I primarily hope they focus on the builder, combat, and political elements as they seemingly are. This great boxless (sandbox) universe they are crafting though may come to house many features, I know I wanted to suggest a Rythem Master(Guitar Hero/School Idol Festival) mini game for entertainers, but it became extremely convoluted and burdensome. Especially considering I would rather see fluid combat, tank turrets, more ship components ( various thrusters, armor plates, shield types, interior/ exterior decor, Capital class weapons, fighter weapons, cruiser weapons and so forth) We players will need to step up our creativity a bit when the game gets closer to launch. We will become the villains, heroes, damsels, sidekicks, engineers, pilots that shape the stories people will tell their friends. On the notion of economy, skills, and story. And even possibly relating to Astrov / Comrade Honor/Karma/Good - Bad thing; I wonder if drugs will be craftable, maybe like Moondust and Liquid Light, stuff with a futuristic science fiction-esque name. (I could also be typing out of my mind, super tired, goodnight cruel sleep deprived world)
  4. Congratulations on blowing my mind, There is much more offered here than what I thought would be available, I can clearly see you all aren't just smart, but genius. I believe when it comes to tag's they are a type of hard-code. Just like if I put a padlock on a door and only tell my best friend the combination. If we lived in a world without bolt cutters, nobody would be able to break the the lock. It all depends on if there will be a mechanic to bust into something, bypass the law, or even 'hack' a terminal. I will also need to spend some time wrapping my mind around whats here and using some predictive analysis to write a post to help people structure their organisations.
  5. Splendid idea. I'm sure this will be coming down the pipeline of goodies from NQ as things speed up here. I have no fear that even with facebook or social media integration, they will keep the website and forums as the centralized source for news and community communication. Not to ignore social media by any means, just that they keep their presence here active too. They're quite professional I have faith in them.
  6. On the wiki page http://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Dual_Universe_Wiki We can see a section named "Skills" though theres no content there yet. They probably have a plan in place for the skills, but there could be flavor style perks. A bad guy might get 1% more crit chance 10% chance of better loot a good guy might get 1% more accuracy 10% chance of a better craft You unlock a special hat for your' Pet; a Devil Hat or Halo. *cough(nanomaid)cough*
  7. Nanomaid is only awaiting approval from the 176 courts of the Joint Allied Peoples Conglomerate of Independent Imperial Republics, the schematics should be made publically available if approved.
  8. I have been wondering if such a system might be in place. I'm not sure what the scale of it could be, or if players will up vote or down vote you, or if its based more around the kinds of actions you commit, player killing, stealing from containers you dont have permission to and so forth. I might have a hard time maintaining my golden halo, as the leader of a crime syndicate.
  9. Many of the growing community here have been talking and thinking about how to communicate with our teams quickly. The idea of voicechat is great, but complicated. Not yet knowing how groups may or may not work makes it difficult to formulate this concept. Either way, If there was an option to hold down a button, maybe the letter T on the keyboard, causing a radial menu to appear at the mouse with a few options that you pick to put on the radial hotbar. The functionality could be altered in several ways, depending on whats realistic to implement into the game. Spatial chat only Party chat, (i.e. 5 man group) Raid chat Prompt pre-recorded voice the developers put in to speak. Just an example : Jim the Industrialist/ Builder repair man is down in the guts of the ship trying to fix parts as everything is blowing up. He might be in a random pick up group. or with friends. Maybe their Teamspeak server went down. Everything is going bad. He pushes T and mouses over "Reactor Critical" and clicks. In his group chat an automated message shows up -Reactor Critical, Abandon ship!" which could or not prompt a voice command to the group with a similar message. Jim also usually joins group as a repairman, so he set his hotbar up to include messages related to ship parts, Engines Down, Hyperdrive Down, Reactor Critical, et cetera. Allowing players to put in their own text is a double edged sword I would personally stay away from. Would likely need input delays / cooldown timers to prevent abuse / spam. A possible advantage of a system like this, is that with a single game world, I believe there will be many Players, French most likely, Germans, Americans, Russians, Japanese, and so forth; Messages could be written in many languages so if a silly american like me can only talk like a baby in french, at the very least I will click Reactor Critical and it could show R?acteur Critique for the person with French set at their primary language.
  10. NanoMaid, your very own customizable sidekick! Change her outfit, change the color of her lights. Whats your NanoMaid like? Does she wear a frilly headpiece? Or maybe a cat ear headband? Dont like that sad blue? Change her glowing eyes to red or green! NanoMaid comes prepacked with a Sweet'nSassy personality. She wont help do anything but she can give you emotional support! "Your inventory is a mess, clean it up, you lowlife!" "Trash like you is lucky to have me, after all, I'm your' only friend." "You forgot to loot... its not like I want you to dummy!" "Are we going exploring? I love exploring with you." NanoMaid, she's tiny and adorable, she will follow you anywhere and help you clean up your' life ! -Please use as directed, keep away from children under 5, Do not try and stick 'objects' into your nanomaid, If your nanomaid begins to mumble about world domination please contact the rogue AI hotline immediately.- --- Photo : http://www.kidsomania.com/photos/Cool-Toy-for-Girls-who-Like-Robots-Dorosseru-by-Bandai-3-524x698.jpg credit to website photo is from : http://www.kidsomania.com/cool-toy-for-girls-who-like-robots-dorosseru-by-bandai/ Animated series this is from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fireball_%28anime%29#Fireball_Charming I haven't seen this but perhaps I will give it a watching, though I have no idea what its about, I just happened to think the character could help formulate inspiration to the concept.
  11. I'm sure there could be many interactions. One way, possibly like eve online. Your name and an image of either your' character. or an up-loadable image, possibly the same one from the forums. Another way, is if I type a sentence it displays in a similar fashion to how forums work. example xx Image xx -Player Name - (Text) Or just even using the avatar from the forums, inside of player biography in the game. I don't think overly highly of this idea it was just something that sparked into my head.
  12. I mulled the idea over a bit, I think my stance on the subject is neutral. It isnt something that will affect the way i play the game.Marriage is probably best left an unofficial mechanic, just something people roleplay in their characters biography and with friends.
  13. I decided to try and stalk what I deduced to be the current HQ, or at least the inbox address. I have only fear, dread, and nightmares at those packed streets in Paris. Though I did begin to wonder as I looked around the map with many restaurants, and parks all over it seemed. What are some of the joy's the team has living in the area? The tea and cookie shops around the area seemed quite appealing to me. Is there anything that they dislike? Crime? too many air-headed Americans sight seeing the magnificent city?
  14. I would avoid a publisher like the plague, the team here sounds like it has something called a dream. Sarcastically, if you guys dont care about your vision or your souls, put some sniper rifles in - make sure you have no scoping, nuclear weapons - you hot drop on peoples faces, knives that can stab through titanium diamond kevlar durasteel and one shot the mechanical robotic pony dreadnoughts. The community will grow and will back you up, a good PR campaign like the one you all have been pushing so far, I'm looking at you Nyzaltar, I know I'm not the only one that appreciates at least you respond to my crazy topics even if nobody else will. I absolutely want you to be even more successful than even Star Citizen, but definitively not as greedy. If there was, or maybe there is and I don't know about it, a Donations page I would even be willing to subscribe right now as if the game was released and had a monthly sub. Crowdfunding will be a good jump, many people will see what this is about, and go "Oh my gosh, How did i ever even without this in my life" and slap their wallets against their monitors with a confused look as to why the money isn't going into your pockets. I just reiterate that many people lose their minds when the money starts to roll in. They forget about the game and go swim in pools of Mt. Dew and Cheetos or something.. i just don't know. Hopefully the team is prepared mentally.
  15. Hello, I've been thinking on the subject of why people like one communication device against another. Personal touch is something that comes to mind. Take skype, a popular voice over ip. but also a popular chatroom device. I credit that aspect to the fact that you get to select an icon, a picture, not necessarily your own face - to represent you. I was thinking along the lines that some games have Real ID integration, but if DU is a single world on clustered servers then there wont be a whole lot of Alternative character creation and thus a real minimal demand for real ID. I was thinking that possibly in the in game chats our forum's avatar might display next to your text, or other possibilities including inside your profile, or next to your name on the list of people in the chat. It could chew a few bits of data, but with some reasonable options like disable auto load of avatar icons unless clicked, only load friends icons unless clicked. It might be a little nick nack feature that people come to enjoy that allows them to project a little piece of themselves into the world. Also a subject that probably needs a topic of its own, as has been said by others, but I figure that the community can police the images, something with alot of negative votes gets sent to a tribunal where a majority of the voters need to say yes, this bulge is too inappropriate or R-rated.
  16. On the subject of guilds in general, I believe they will be built of of all the smaller intricate workings of the game. I like to think of these little things being Immersion Hooks the feel of being a captain, you talk with the other captains nearby and coordinate your efforts, a strategist chair really a mad scientist engineer, you align the shield arrays run through the halls of the ship with exploding things behind you a Gunner, you do the gunny things , blast em, wait no blast that one! Nataurally spending alot of time looking at ships and blocks, components, and screens of all kinds. For players something to keep in mind unless there are pre built stations, is that people will want to gather in halls and check out each others avatars, and talk before heading down the ramps to the docks to get blown to pieces. Doing all of these cool things is great, people will come to love their ships, but they will not project their feelings onto them, they will project onto their avatars, and so finding ways to integrate avatars without making it feel very forced. Itll be difficult but worth it. Running into people on the insides of space stations, jogging over to a manufactory on the other side of the station to find some people crafting Triangulating Trigagong's to build a Wango Dango Brango. Undoubtedly there will become mega hubs, the best designed stations, in the best location of the day and age with people coming and going, people begging for you to join their guilds, politicians might be trying to convince you of something. Maybe your friends ship blows up and you escape, now your stuck so you are waiting on a NPC shuttle to come pick you up and you bump into a rival or a long lost friend at the terminal. What I'm trying to get at here is however tantalizing the actions in the game are will influence people to stay and join guilds. I really liked what Kiklix had to say about the organic feel of guilds, join a guild, guild joins an alliance, alliance joins a nation, nation joins a coalition. regardless of how complex the guild workings become, factions will form and break, people will wrestle for resources, hopefully artistic individuals will forge amazing building on beautiful worlds. genius designers will make the next best fighter ship for mass production. edit- I also do apologize, if anyone thinks I am spamming this topic. I feel everything i have said has some value here at least.
  17. Have a seperate server dedicated to a web page for users that accrue too many reports, send it to a voting system. Have 100 volunteers on the Justice tribunal vote if the name is too offensive, if 60/100 say yes force a name change. Could be abused to circumvent paying to change names, but what can you do - cant allow the offensives either. Now to my main subject of guilds. I'm imagining a procedurally generated universe At first people will flock far and wide chaos and anarchy reign supreme The first main guilds, chaotic institutions ruled by players with tons of time will begin to emerge Many players have no reason to be apart of the organisation. Other than the fact that they were randomly invited, or they joined just because that was the first person to ask them to join. a Land rush, so to say begins, the most valuable looking worlds and asteroid clusters are claimed in the name of LegolasxNaruto guilds. Respectable guilds smaller in size have formed, possibly they end up forming coalitions against the mega guilds. The insanity and dementia has been taking a toll on the Strong Fisted Iron men leading the mega guilds, the pressures of internal politics growing almost ready to burst. A big war erupts in a last ditch effort to maintain their control and squash the pestering little guilds that mock them for being a blob fest. In the end the mega guilds are left decimated having spent all their efforts in the battles, political and real ship fights. (( This is the point that many players might leave the game)) but they could stay. If the game was fun, if they liked building ships, gathering metals, salvaging, even if the game is buggy as heck if its amusing and there are opportunities to talk to people, and see them moving around. They will stay and clamor far and wide across the internet for more people to come join, they will reminisce about the great war and outsiders will want to join and experience the same thing, the reconstruction phase. the smaller guilds begin to grow in size, old coalitions fall apart because some one guild becomes excessively more powerful than all the others in that alliance.the cycle will repeat many times. some alliances could be stronger than others if they uphold their individual constitutions or not.
  18. I feel that the concept of marriage belongs just as much as it doesn't. It could be interesting to see some kind of Marriage, or Civil Unions. For a second if I may draw a bit of comparison to Star Wars Galaxies, there were many people that enjoyed pure social interaction as much as some enjoyed pure combat roles, or even other pure political ones. Many players had de facto partners, it was very interesting to read the biography of some characters, people that spent days it would seem fleshing out a back story for their character of course it could always change and that was another great aspect. If our benevolent overlords did decide to put marriage or civil unions in it could be fun. But it shouldn't interfere with anything else, I mean we shouldn't expect any kinds of stat bonuses or extra hp just because you married your best friend. Maybe there could potentially be joint custody of property, however that can lead to many problems too and I feel that only one person should own 1 house, if both people want to pay for its upkeep then so be it. Unless we want to see Lawyer as a viable career path in the game. Could be nifty, if there are first and last names, if it gave you the surname of the dominant partner and put your original surname on hidden status until you divorced. Possibly there could be two little rings interlocking as an icon next to your name, or something similar, just to show people you were married to someone. I would like to say though, should such a feature be implemented that it be completely neutral, allow it so two men, two women, a man and woman, or even a banana and an orange can get married. One way or another though, I'm here for this game to hopefully witness capital ship battles, help organize politics, the creation of a research and development team of players in said organisation to design cool ships for the fleet, or maybe even become a 'priest' and wedlock people.
  19. Some specifics of things I have been wondering about to hear more, but in my previous post I proclaimed that you should let us shape the form of our guilds. If I am a dictator of a corporate structure guild and this guild is also apart of an Alliance of guilds thanks to the legate tickets are those delegations Given to me the leader of the guild, or the guild itself. If it is the guild itself, then does the leader have to be the one online to make the votes to the alliance. would it be possible to shift the shares to other players in the dictators guild and create a diplomat that handles such things. If they are asigned directly to players by the Leader of the Alliance then does that person have to micro manage every legate ticket assigned to guilds or other players? If I want to have a Athenian Democracy and give every player that joins my guild a single legate is there a cap on how many can be generated, would there be a system in place that could automatically generate one for each member, or would the guild leader have to do it. if the guild leader does it then can they abuse it to coup'de'etat their own regime and become dictator instantly by generating so many shares to give to themself they gain 51% legate control. If the guild has to vote each time to generate a new legate the bureaucracy will be too thick for direct democracy, maybe guilds could decide a ruleset ahead of time to decide what their rules are and to reinforce their governance style. Auto generation and manual tickets are destroyed upon member leaving the guild one ticket per member, or x number of tickets allowed, % number of tickets allowed number of tickets allowed to any legate, guild member or not non guild members are allowed to hold tickets or not legate tickets are transferable or not If you give us the right options, and that list isnt all inclusive just what i could think up on the fly, but we players will make fun guilds AND mega guilds may not be as prominent. Especially if we can forge alliances, maybe that can tie into the voting system, i.e. alliance members can come and mine on our territory or build stations in our space or ect. Personally I hope to run or help run a small guild of 10-100 people and join or form a coalition that will as one of its goals help new players acclimate to the game and join or form a guild that is apart of the coalition. Thanks, and sorry for a back to back post they just had such different tones i didnt want to ramble it all together in one long one.
  20. Guilds aren't dying MMO's have a disease. Theyre all trying to be the next 1,000,000 active subscription game but nobody can tell you what the masses of people wanna play pokemon? duke nuke em online, who knows? A feature I like here in Dual Universe is the legate system, it makes shares of ownership of a guild available and if i understand correctly there will be "voting" on guilld policy. All you need to do is give players the tools and freedom to shape the mold, give us the clay and well make our own pottery. dont give us bananas we cant make a nice vase out of that. The ability to have a direct democracy, a strict corporation, an elective monarchy. give us that ability to use voting and dictatorial method's. the climate of games has changed greatly, theres many hundreds of thousands of more people willing to play MMO's now. They are catered to many varrying tastes people in general are more acclimated now to get instant results resulting in the game hopping and guild hopping phenom. Many guilds especially small ones are viscious and desperate to compete against the ever growing trend of mega guilds they lie in recruitments about membership and activity just to try and get people. Players join a guild and see 10 people of only 3 online and leave instantly. Ive had small guilds with 15 players in and 15 players out per hour. if they stayed it'd been a mega guild in no time, but people make a decision in 5 seconds. I know many people suffer from the plague that is games today, and make these brash statements like guilds arent what they used to be, people have no loyalty, and on and on the same line . It really stems from the games that are out today they aren't fun to begin with! The example of ArcheAge ,right okay, archeage a game that seemed well designed to get people to play together. Except it didnt feel like you were playing with friends for common goals you were FORCED to play with other people if you wanted to or not FORCED to rely on other players for Gathering, Crafting, Turning in Trade Packs. The game had a massive burnout factor largely because of the community, the leads of guilds in games like this, games that require tons of Micro Management, tons of attention, and Rule by an Iron Fist (Because there are no voting mechanics built in). They are usually low income workers with lots of time on their hands. Its not an insult dont get me wrong but its Fast Food workers, High school kids, College Peoples, they have a good spirit and want to do something big in the game but the task of running a 300+ person guild knowing everyones name, sorting the drama, crushing internal rebellions, and promoting the guild as a good name ALL rests on ONE person who isnt accustomed to regulating such a bureaucratic system. At best they delegate some of this responsibility onto their Inner Circle and make their friends officer's.
  21. Yeah I figured something like this would still be a major topic at the office. and as much my only response is another thing that you probably cant disclose much info on yet, Even so I'd like to throw it out here in the off chance you specialists haven't considered... Perhaps as a sub topic to this since it closely relates to it, and to some of Jared's concepts, will the ships have lockable interfaces. Maybe something akin to the planetside series. being able to set your' vehicles from public, private, group, or even possibly designating specific people and or specific Ranks from your' guild. personally I think it would be cool to be able to have guilds designate who is able to do what on a ship
  22. Neopolitan


    Aw dang no aliens to subjugate and use as labor in the mines to fuel my coal powered battlecruiser.
  23. Hello, this is part question part idea. Would player created ships remain in game, when their primary owner log's off. It could be interesting keeping them in at all times, having to park in orbit or players creating real stations to dock at. Though I can also see it becoming a resource intensive cluster mess
  24. This was and is definitely one of two of the biggest draw's to this game. the other I would say is the ability to have true ship building in a massive multiplayer environment. That said I'm looking very forward to the possibilities. While it would have always been possible in any game to operate as a Republic, Athenian Democracy or any other form of governance the easiest was always a Despotism or a crude Oligarchy because there were no tools in the game to help guide it. I personally look forward to establishing a organisation roughly akin to the Holy Roman Empire, a guild made up of many guilds all working together to expand the domain ever further. Sure seems exciting I cant wait to see all of this in action! I forgot to link to this image for one of the symbols of the H.R.E http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5b/Quaterionenadler_David_de_Negker.svg/544px-Quaterionenadler_David_de_Negker.svg.png
  25. Thanks for the response. The initial thought I had, had, was something like the robotic 'Turtles' from minecraft. You give them a fuel source. and some basic command's and they go and do some basic things for you. like dig a mineshaft. I mostly had thought to expand the idea to suit some varying sci-fi tastes. such as Imperials, Democratic idealism, and Techo-Commune. Though it was largely flavor Ill admit. And really I have a better understanding now of the level of sophistication that is being driven here now. I had read the devblogs, though it descript's the concept well. I couldnt fully get a handle on the direction society was going past the Ark Ship bubble(s). Though assuming now that everyone coming off the ships has long dropped the barbaric notions of the most dire forms of capitalism, the barbarism of serdom, slavery, minimum wage trap jobs, and the like; its hopeful. Nataurally players will do what-ever players will do though.
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