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  1. Small update. The guild is also going to run in Ed(elite dangerous) and SC(star citizen). TeamSpeak server will go live about 8 days
  2. Thank You all for the nice Reply ;-) Lets see if it all going to work. I find it hard to make a guild when you cant play jet. But i wont quit that easy ;-) And hope the multiplayer in this game is not like No men sky. Ware you don't see other players. We will see. Soon TeamSpeak and a site but i will wait on that ones i get more players
  3. The guild has disband. New Topic will be up soon. With name guild name. Why its just to hard to make it work. The idea. There was not much info. On the game to make it work.
  4. Ok NP i will login Team Speak ever day it the first thing i do. UUUMMMMM not the first thing i need to turn my PC on first ;-) Before i can login to Team Speak ;-)
  5. Ok How can i join I have send Lady_Astrum An PM. And i am in the teamspeak server.
  6. Ok good to know This game looks amazing. I cant wait to see more video's off what the dev's have done so far.
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