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  1. All what you said is true with but one "but": it must be implemented in DU and it should work as intended... For the time being the "dead" EvE has thousands of players that are logging into it each day, play it and are pretty much alive and DU is a lot of fantasies, a bit of promises from developer and a wagon of speculations it may happen that even 25v25 will be impossible due to various reasons or we can see 25 000 v 25 000 batles and it will work out somehow though it did not work in other games - but may be NQ are really that good and they'll make revolution in ga
  2. I won't argue that group of organized people can make a difference. More than that - I already wrote that even one skilled leader who has experience of building an organisation can be very successful in a new environment as he already knows what usually works in gamer communities and what does not. And if one skilled leader (or a group of leaders) leaves one game and forms an alliance in a new game - there is a big chance that he'll succeed. And if he'll use the same tag as in a previous game, it can be seen as a transfer of alliance. But if you'll check the rosters you'll see that these are t
  3. Moving group of players from one project to another isn't as easy as it sounds. Even if an alliance is strong and well organised in one game there is no guarantee that it will be possible to move people to another project. Why? Because there will always be those who'll tell that they don't like something in a new project or they like something more in the old one. I have seen so called "multi-game communities" that claim having organisation on several different projects simultaneously... but all I have seen were different groups of players on different projects, just having some contacts and "
  4. And again you are one of those, who entered discussion without reading it trough but can't blame you on that now as the discussion became lengthy and it's not easy to read it through. As I am "wasting time" on discussion about game, which is not even released yet, I can afford some time to remind you that I wrote before: I am intending to pay monthly subscription for the DU game (when it will be released and if developers will actually deliver the game the way they introduced it) , I can afford it and actually I am subscribing other games right now. On other hand I am able to understand that
  5. Even when you are paying not by hour, but just a plain monthly subscription, you still have time limits for the in game time. For example I spend certain amount of time sleeping, then I have certain amount of hours I need to work, some extra time I need to make food, eat, clean home, spend time with family, friends and so on. And all in all I am left with some spare time which I can spend in game. I am limited on that time, though these limitations come not from monetization model, but from my obligations in other areas. Eventually I adjust my ingame ambitions and plans to the time I am able t
  6. "Emergent gameplay" generated by AI will never ever get even close to what emerges in contact with a real person. And even if that person has less time to spend in game than me I would never neglect his potential to have an impact on community and me. There are some conversations with people that happened in games years ago... we met once and never spoke again... but either they said something interesting, or we did some extremely fun things... and I still remember it now. Who knows how long did they play... who cares... all that matters is that their presence made an impact on me... and somet
  7. Just in order to show how situational your arguments are: - Car can be insured for a limited time (at least in my country that is) and if the person does not use car - he has an option not to renew insurance for a certain period - I know elder person who does not insure his car during the winter as he does not drive then. And yes, taking into account all the year it's better price to buy insurance for the whole year, than to renew it monthly. But if you consider keeping it in garage for 3 or even 5 months, other payment models might save some money. - I have a lot of different
  8. You got me . I am not interested in PvP. And I manage to play as PvE even in a hardcore PvP projects like EvE online, Archage or several others. And I played there for years, paying subscription. Does it make my money I paid to these projects less valuable than money paid by hardcore PvPers? Guess not. Being able to see further than narrow needs of my own and understand why other players like different things than I do makes my opinion less valuable and worth considering? I honestly hope that developers do not share your opinion on that as they would bee doomed then And there's s
  9. Again you do assumptions without even reading what the discussion was bout... where did you take "would use it if it were cheaper" argument? I'ts all your immagination as neither me nor TS wrote about it. If you would read carefully, you would see, that paying per hour is actually more expensive as you get less ingame time for the same money. But sometimes it's better to pay more per hour, while using those hours more effectively. You don't like analogies with EvE online, but never the less I'll use example from there - you can play that game for ~15 € per month if you buy a subsc
  10. No, I am not founder and I wrote already why - seen many projects that had great ideas and promised a lot, but failed badly while trying to implement those ideas. I like Ideas of NQ and I am ready to subscribe to DU if they'll deliver what they promise, but not until I'll see the working game worth of the money. And yes, I am paying subscription for the games that are worth it in my opinion - I have active subscription for two different projects at the very moment. And no, I don't need some pay per hour myself, as I do play games quite regularly and monthly subscription is good eno
  11. Exactly And in case of developer it's "get paid or don't get paid". So which is better? To get paid once in a longer period of time... or not to get paid at all? When CCCP introduced their PLEX system there were also whole flame of arguments that "this is beginning of P2W", "the game is dying", "you ruined the Idea of fair game" "Noone will be paying subscription and you'll loose more than earn". But you know what - CCP had courage to introduce innovative method and they benefited from it - a lot. But they only gave a decent option to players - nothing more. It sounded
  12. The last time I read introduction of DU it was positioning as "Global", not as "Western". So you want to say, that money from the eastern market are not worth to be earned? I would do some research if I would you and would find out how much the "eastern gaming market" is worth before making any statements
  13. And you deleted my second sentence which proves you are wrong
  14. Once again: this is not about "can pay" and "can't pay". I know people for example, who "can pay". But they are busy during the week days and they can play only on weekends. And in case of monthly subscription they are loosing most of their subscription for vain. Another example - I know a person who works such a way that he needs to travel a lot - sometimes couple weeks he works in home town and couple weeks he's out. And while he's on the trip he usually has no chance to play the game or use his subscription. And these people could be very loyal players and they "CAN PAY", but they want to p
  15. But when people pay for the time they are online - developer gets money. Alternative in that case will be no income at all. Which is worse for developer?
  16. I tried to write as simple as possible, but it seems that people just see what they want to see, not what's written... I DO NOT SUGGEST TO GIVE GAME FOR FREE OR TO GIVE IT CHEEPER TO ANYONE. All I say - it would be beneficial both for the developer and for the players to have an option to buy a subscription based on time they intend to spend in game. What I see now is the same if you would come to a food store for the milk and you'd be given the only option - to buy a 200 liter barrel of milk. And if you'd say, that you need only 1 liter bottle, there com
  17. Hiding in your proud self confidence (which you most probably did not much to earn, just have been born in better environment) you don't even try to read what is written. I did not write about human rights and did not say, that someone should play game, which is commercial product without paying. All I wrote was that sometimes these few dollars or euros, which you (and me) are trowing out without care, are being earned way harder by others and they don't want to pay full price if they don't have time to play the game a lot because they are " improving their situation, not wasting time in some
  18. I think CaptainTwerkmotor didn't actually get the idea which was proposed by topic starter AKA Captain_Hilts as he wrote it in a bit strange way and decided that Captain_Hilts means to ask price of 60 $ for 2 months of game, when actualy Captain_Hilts means that person pays the same 10$, but gets limited game time which he can consume within longer period of time. So let me rephrase this the way it seems more "readable" for me: Option 1. For $10 you get Unlimited hours . 1 month to use it until it expires. Totally you'll pay 10$x12 months = $120/yr (this is the baseline Novaquark
  19. Great answer Lord_Void and really exemplary behavior. I want this game to succeed... I want it a lot actually. But honestly, I have seen a lot of great ideas generated by game developers and still those ideas either have not been implemented or there were not enough technical capabilities to implement them. I am not IT specialist, neither engineer and I can't judge if the plans of NQ are valid and achievable. Therefore I fully understand skepticism of topic starter - I am bit skeptic myself. But people like Lord_Void make me want this game to succeed even more as it would be pleasu
  20. Real sandbox (and this game is being introduced as one) makes no difference between "veteran" and newbro - as long as you have time to play and brought some shovel you'll be given plenty of sand to play with. If you play longer, may be you'll have better skills how to build nice looking sand castle and you'll have made more friends who are helping you to protect your creations from bully who likes to destroy stuff - or you might make more enemies over time if you have chosen to be that above mentioned bully :-) but otherwise it does not mater if you are veteran or not. Talking about recog
  21. Kirtis

    Encouraging PvP

    Information disclosed by developers of EvE online which is one of the most hardcore PvP games, with full destruction/loot upon kill and possibility of PvP all over the universe (including high security sectors, just with harsher consequences for attacker) showed that only 13,8 % of players (bit more, than one in each ten) are involved in PvP during their ordinary game session (you can see the report http://content.eveonline.com/www/newssystem/media/68738/1/activity.16.png ) All other players do trade, PvE missions, exploration and so on, sometimes unintentionally getting caught by PvP as they
  22. From what I have read in devblogs I got impression that though the monetization model has not been decided yet, still the subscription of some kind is the way the developers are mostly inclined to go to. And I have read a lot of responses from potential players who tell, that they don’t like the idea about implementation of subscription as they have limited time to spend in game, therefore they would waste their money if they’ll be paying for whole month and will have time to play only few hours a day or even few days a month at all. Therefore the best solution IMO would be to give them op
  23. I wasn't and I am not hostile, you can be absolutely sure of that - I just stated that your information was wrong (totally). Regarding your question about reactivation of subscription after absence from game there are different ways: first of course you can reactivate your account for real money and continue from where you have left it (by the way, the skills in game continue to train for about 4 days even after your account is frozen). Second option which I think will sound most interesting for you is that you can activate service called "hours for PLEX" which means that you will get 4
  24. You are either badly missinformed or are trying to distribute false information about PLEX system in EvE as all you have written is totally wrong. There are lot of people in EvE who subscribe to EvE using PLEXes bought for the ingame curency and never pay cash for it at all. One PLEX in EvE gives one month of game time. It costs bit more than ordinary game subsribtion therefore it's quite useful for Game developers to have subscribers who consume PLEXes. Never the less it's relatively easy to earn amount of ingame currency equal to the ingame price of the PLEX - it takes me about 5 to 10 hours
  25. From what I have seen, developers of DU are pretty much inclined to use P2P + "PLEX" model and honestly that makes me very glad. This is great model and it works fine WHEN USED THE PROPER WAY. Now with the proper way... there start the complications. I know this system pretty well as I am active player of EvE Online since 2010 and I know how well it works. There are several myths that some people are trying to use in order to spook away those, who never been in that game and never seen the system from inside... "you'll need to mine asteroids all the month in order to get paid for the game time
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