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  1. Ahh trolls, there everywhere are they not? In the McDonalds playpens, there were the ball-pen bullies. There was the "lunchline liberator" in the sixth grade, and yes that was what we called him back in the day... You got the team quarterback that "knows it all" but secretly knows nothing yet, somehow, still has all the friends. And now in my older years, there's the common criminal, be it the guy stealing ladies purses or the neighbor kid trespassing through my backyard after school since "it's a shortcut and you don't have a fence". Did I mention trolls are everywhere? Growing up, I had parents, teachers, my fists, (insert improvised weapon here), and landlords at my disposal to deal with those who thought they could pick me up by the collar. Did I use them... ehhh, no... Point is, you can either stick up for yourself, try and talk yourself out of the situation or hide behind a friend. Pick your battles and know where you can go and where you should avoid. Since this is a video game, if the harassment is consistent then feel free to improvise. Use a low-end ship with dummy cargo, or better yet, leave a few special explosive prizes hidden away and let the ship be captured. Sooner or later they'll get tired of the zero-sum game and move onto a new target. Did I mention that trolls are everywhere, even in real life? I did? Guess we'll just have to get used to it then?
  2. Well, not so quiet anymore I suppose now that I have an account. I've been hiding in the shadows and watching from afar this games progress ever since its kickstarter ended and while I didn't back then, I think I'll be backing now. Iron is pretty secure, but I'm wondering about bronze and silver. I read some articles saying that a "pre alpha" will be starting here at the end of the month and I'm curious, but I also remember what happened with a few other space games so I'm quite cautious. I've never taken part in a beta test since I never hear about these games in time so maybe that is something I should get into? Bronze would be an easy move but silver is more of a stretch since beta is so far out and I can make do with a week or two of ramen. I've already seen everything there is to see, still not too sure on what to do. A fool and his money are easily parted, and I for one am no fool. Anyways, I would introduce myself but I'm not too keen on putting my life out on display for others to see, hope you all can understand. I look forward to seeing more from NQ and all of you in the future. ---- Coming back at the end of the day with just under three hours left (today was rough, ugggggh), decided to go with my gut and run with bronze. Can't wait to see what happens come Alpha you guys!
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