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  2. "It is a game" Hey mods, we have an NDA breach over here!
  3. Yeah I know they're a small team and are busy working on stuff to do with the game, and I'm excited about it, but I imagine the forum staff is somewhat separate from the game development staff and would expect a more prompt response, especially on a question from someone thinking about supporting the game. Yep. I would've bought the gold pack if my post with questions on the game had been answered. That it didn't even get approved to post until after the founder's pack wasn't purchasable anymore is really just them losing over 100$ for something that would've taken less than a minute to check over.
  4. I was planning to get a gold pack so I posted to ask a couple questions about what was going to be in the pre-alpha. My post wasn't "approved" by a mod until over a week after I posted it, and at that point you could no longer buy the founder packs. I ended up not buying a founder pack because of the poor service on the forum, which is kinda sad. I do still look forwards to playing the game in the future, but I wasn't about to spend over 100$ on a game when the forum mods can't even approve a post asking questions about the game. Not sure if this is the right place to complain about this, but I'm a bit disappointed in them is all.
  5. I have been following this game for a couple months on youtube, and saw that the pre-alpha would be starting soon and that the founder packages would stop being available on the 7th. Apart from general information about the pre-alpha, I'd like to know how much of an active following there is that would be participating in the pre-alpha. Also is there any confirmation whether or not the lua scripting for parts will be included in the pre-alpha? I want to be convinced to get this, because the game looks very nice.
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