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  1. Geddon

    Dropping in

    Some years back, in Second Life in the BSG Pacifica sim before they got lawyered by Universal, I played a human trader from Tauron. I'm partial to the new Galactica design; I like over-engineered, variable configurations in my capital ships.
  2. Looking forward to finally playing this game in the next few months. Plan to eventually build a space station to act as a trading hub, and a big carrier ship to explore with. Huge fan of Stargate, Wars, and Trek, as well as Battlestar Galactica and Metal Gear, so much of my inspiration will come from those. I think it's awesome that somebody has already made one ship inspired by Stargate, I look forward to buying the blueprints off of them. Once the NDA is lifted, I'll be streaming the game on Twitch whenever I'm not bogged down with homework.
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