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  1. Sigh this topic is over, i will paste this. This Statement from NQ directly should effectively END the......Debate (for lack of a better word) In conclusion: Yes, having a creative mode inside the game, just for designing purpose (without giving any free resources in the "real" in-game universe) is something we are considering. However, this is a huge feature to develop, and while we would like to add it to the game, there is a high chance it won't be implemented before the official game release. If it's implemented at some point, it will be probably after, in
  2. But again bitmouse if they find a way around pirates....it will be because the were clever in game....not out game of securing their constructiin /base/ persinnel/resources. The game requires you to gather resources in order to build.....not build outside of the game and then "port in" your BP.....everything is done in game. Dual Universe whilst there might be a separate section LATER if they decide its feasable without breaking the dynamics......empasis on considering ALL the implications of such a system before doing so. Whilst you may feel this is important....yes ..its important
  3. I believe this topic has been debated enough.....they are not building an external port for your BPs or an offline construction program....or similar...anytime soon. If they decide to it will be later on maybe towards release or after. Whilst the idea might appeal to some....the game is about experiencing this together in a single shard universe....you get all the ups and downs of success or failure together.....key word together. The wait whilst frustrating sometimes is just a fact of life. The game has potential for lots of other little goodies for us, but that is for later. Consideration is
  4. MasterRed - I hope you were meaning to translate into Dutch and not German The recipient i believe was German speaking in your replied comment. Unless i missed something. Deutsch is German in case there was some confusion over the name?
  5. The Spacing Guild We have a saying which we found very suitable: Growth + Profit = GROFIT The GROFIT must flow....Do you enjoy GROFIT? Calling all the shiny object, resource hoarding, merchants who like prospecting to carve out a wealthy pieces of real estate out of DU for yourself. Come be apart of the Spacing Guild. We as an Organization specialize in the Mining, trading and exploration are the main focus, where making money is just a given. Must have some interest in one or more of the following roles: Mining, Trading, Resource surveying, E
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