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  1. Alright, i've thought about things that would make building sooo much easier. 1) The ability to move voxels. If we manage to flip our small vehicle over, we should have the ability to exert some amount of force on it. 2) Bind two separate structures. To allow for factories and ship yards to function efficiently we should be able to build parts of ships separately then attack the two making it one structure. 3) Artificial atmosphere in ships. I want to be able to breathe inside my own ship. If any of these have been confirmed already, please let me know, i must have
  2. I'd prefer alien fauna and flora, not "sentient" things. A variety of different alien animals would be interesting, different patterns at all. this wouldnt make much of a tactical advantage but i think it would help flesh out the games universe and some lone player gameplay. You could explain the aliens being on multiple planets (i doubt they are going to design enough for each planet) with lore to increase depth.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I dunno where i heard the dlc thing from (somewhere on youtube, definately) but i thank you all for your time and your responses. Now begins the hard part, joining/creating a faction
  4. I love when games have physical manifestations of upgrades, i find it increases immersion and variation from character to character. So moving onto my main point, i believe more than the colour of your armor should be varied, I believe you should be able to create different forms of armor that do different things, since this is a very broad statement let me elaborate. You are part of the main troops of a small army preparing top attack an enemy base, you dont need the long sustained flight of a jetpack so you opt to where a much quicker variant, a sleeker and faster jumpack for short burs
  5. honestly, i think that you should be given an on-character id consisting of what Kuritho suggested and be given the option to show it to nearby people. Imagine going through military checkpoints to get into a base, that would be incredibly interesting. The lack of stupid immersion-breaking names over your head would also make infiltration and espionage work better and more organically. Better yet, you could use your id as a keycard two for base doors and the such making it that only these people could use it. You could also probably allow us to loot them. Imagine like a vendor of IDs for peopl
  6. I have been following this game since it's announcement viewing it with the potential of being the perfect game for me, initially i was worried about whether or not they could do anything but now i have 2 main concerns after seeing how well it handles stress tests. I, in games rather enjoy being a bit of an antagonist and i find one of the worst things for an open game such as this would be over moderation, people complaining about raids or pirate thefts or the such. I believe that moderators for the game should only really deal with hacking or exploits, everything else (everything done fa
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