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  1. Yes indeed there is a seasonal cycle. This can be better seen if you are closer to the poles of a planet. It takes around one and a half months of actual real time (aprox.) to go through the whole cycle. For example you could have 24 hours of light at some point in time, with the sun position changing gradually to 24 hours of darkness, during a 1.5 month period.
  2. I agree with your sentiment towards the design of ships, I'm a designer myself and always like to have functionality in companion with great looks. I know that there are a lot of ships out there which only purpose is to get the job done and lack aesthetics. We have to keep in mind though that not all players are designers, and that's ok. This actually makes a great opportunity for designers cause we would have a greater audience to sell nice looking ships to. There is also another factor which contributes to having less design oriented ships, which is that the game being heavily invested into grinding, pushes you towards just making the cut in order to be able to make your virtual company grow economic wise and not lag behind. And in relation to the sport activities it would be great if we could do something like that within the game. I'd love to wing suit myself from the top of 1km building
  3. When I first heard about DU and saw some advertisement videos, first I was very hyped about the idea that finally there was a possibility for someone to create his/hers virtual scifi enterprise and build it up to a big org. The second thing that fueled my desire to participate in this single shard game, was that I could explore, combat, build, trade, discover, etc. This premise was perfect for my virtual scifi enterprise "Space Mining Universal", as the names describes, that would be a mining company hauling and trading valuable ores and materials through out different solar systems. Probably the aspects of the game that drew me in the most were building/crafting and exploring these worlds. I joined the community back in 2017 and purchased the Gold membership, I did however not play the game until 3 months ago. My first impressions were really good and I really was enjoying the game, up until you fast forward to the date of this post. During the 3 months I've been playing it, quite a few thing have been changing in the game and most of the things I was hyped about are slowly disappearing from it. I understand that this is in Beta stage, though it seems more like an Alpha stage to be honest. Nevertheless what really worries me is that the promised aspects of the game now are being displaced to fit a totally different route that wasn't intended back in the Kickstarter campaign as well as in the first year of development. Seeing the login start up screen with check boxes for the game elements to come being ticked off in such a hurried manner, without the features even being fully implemented or developed is damn concerning. Also the replies NQ has given its audience for legitimate questions, where there always seems to be a matter of not enough time or resources, only shows that as always promises given were bigger than what could be accomplished. I really had high hopes for this game to flourish and the possibility for my dream come true in it, now it seems it's not gonna happen. It's pretty obvious the reasons behind the game starting to fail are poor decisions from behalf of the NQ team and not listening to their audience. My take on it is I think they slowly ran out of budget and the server infrastructure they have in hand is not capable of sustaining their promises, and now are trying to implement whatever they can even if its not fully implemented. I could keep on giving reasons and talking points but this thread wasn't supposed to be about the company's failure to keep on track with their promises, but really more about telling others the vision and ideas one had getting into the game. PS: whatever happened to the "pets" we would get at some point for certain account types? NQ probably would answer, that's not a priority, it takes time, we need to invest the "budget" in other areas. Just broken promises and lies. Anyway guys sorry for the rant, so as @Deintus posted, I also would love to hear your ideas and visions you would bring into the playing field. Cheers!
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