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  1. I do agree, and it would add a lot of interest to the game. Say, for example, you were in a space battle near a space giant. You're losing badly, and your only option is to flee. With FLT down and only the gas giant in sight, you decide to head to it for cover. As you mentioned, electronics may go down, stopping you from sending a distress call. The majority of your systems are down, resulting in you being stranded. Likewise, other crazy events could happen on any planet, depending on the situation. It'd just be really cool if you crash landed on a scorched planet and you find yourself surrounded with lava and volcanoes. On the technical side of things, they could keep it simple, such as disabling systems, weakening blocks, or maybe, even cause voxels to break if the climate is too deadly. (Like a slow corrosion on a toxic planet.) Could be quite hard to implement though.
  2. The way I see it, Dual Universe is a game that requires real life skills such as Lua programming, or even battle strategies. A skill tree/system is fine, as long as it doesn't allow players to easily do tasks that they shouldn't be able to do. For example, say a player is good with space combat involving a large fleet of ships. Now, this person most likely is able to multitask with controlling multiple ships and quick thinking within a situation. If the skill tree allowed a certain path that simplified techniques in battle, or even suggested plans of attack/defense, there would be no need for human skill. I personally enjoy skill trees, and I think it would be a nice component to Dual Universe as long as it is done correctly.
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