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  1. Yes, I would hope it is similar to EVE if it is present. I hope that planets are not statically placed along only the x and y axes because that is impossible in real physics. I really do not see any drawbacks to representing the galaxy realistically.
  2. I tried searching for a similar topic, but "map" is apparently not allowed as a search term. In other games, the maps of space are 2d. Please make the map of space 3D to illustrate distance along the z-axis. It would also be nice to have org networks be a different color than the standard method of travel. For example, show routes using org stargates with direct connections between solar systems in yellow, and show the standard routes flying from solar system to solar system in white.
  3. This proposed solution seem to be pretty a good one. I believe there has to be some automation of defenses on large vessels. This especially goes for vessels too large to enter a planet's atmosphere. It always pissed me off in Star Wars to see Victory Star Destroyers on Coruscant. If the atmosphere is anything like Earth's on the planets in DU, those ships would be far too massive to takeoff and land on a planet. This view is based on realistic (to some extent) physics being in the game. Otherwise, assuming the vessels cannot land in safe zones, any ship of any size can just be destroyed when the crew is offline with no risk.
  4. So, is this the beginning of what will become Sleeper University?
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