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    Spaghetti monster reacted to KlatuSatori in Hi and where I should send my 100 euro?   
    Hi rodier! The kickstarter campaign is planned for the end of this year, a few months before they start the alpha testing phase. In the mean time you should check out the devblogs. There's loads of great information in there. Welcome to Dual Universe!
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    Spaghetti monster reacted to FenrisWolf in I must be dreaming...   
    I don't know how long I've been asleep for in this cryo-unit, it could be days... or it could be years! Certainly seems like a long time to me.
    They said I wouldn't be aware of time passing whilst asleep but I can sense something, perhaps it is all just a dream?
    Whatever it is I keep hearing voices, panicking voices, shouts, screams and then silence... Until it starts over again. Its like I'm stuck in some VR software that is constantly looping again and again. I feel like I'm going crazy. Maybe that's it... Maybe I have gone crazy and someone has locked me away in this cryo-unit for my own protection.
    But it all seems so real.
    Earth being destroyed, mankind leaving their home world and being sent out in to the depths of space. So much like an old sci-fi movie, so much like the dreams I had when I was a child.
    That was a long time ago though, or was it? I'm not so sure at the moment. Nothing is making any sense, I can't even be sure if it is me, Fenris Wolf, talking to the darkness or if it is another dream.
    The voices are starting again...
    Hard to think...
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