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  1. Thank you all for the greetings. The advice is appreciated as well! One of the orgs has caught my eye, but I wouldn't say it's "suitable" yet. I'm still looking. I was trying to rack my brain for terminology that would be as inclusive of every faction as possible without making me sound redundant (apparently, I didn't succeed). "Federal entity" is a superfluous way of saying "nation" or "empire." I realize now that certain groups (such as BOO) don't fall under that banner, which is not to say such orgs are precluded from making my list of potentials. My comp can't run this stuff. I'm not really "computer vocabulary" savvy, so apologies if I used the wrong designations.
  2. Hi there folks! My username is Morkeyest. An MMO Build-a-verse, FPS, & RPG all in one, containing accessible and near-complete emergent gameplay? I imagine I'm far from nthe first to say that this game is a dream come true. Unfortunately, I currently don't have an operating system that would be able to handle what the specs of the game will probably be, but I will most definitely be investing in one. Until then, I'd love to be a part of the community and the journeys ahead. In terms of factions, a lot of the organizations' summary pages are very thorough and do contain articles of interest, so I'm wondering: if I were to apply for citizenship of a federal entity within DU, which one would you personally suggest applying to?
  3. I'd certainly be interested in joining. I'm not sure where to apply for jobs, however.
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