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    Nice, I got shielding. This is a 'small' S version. I had also bought an M version, but that was a lot bigger than I thought. Maybe for another build-project.  


    Now I have another problem. It seems that the ship give me a warning above 20 ton. It flies still without problems but still. That was while I was carrying the big M shield 😅


    While it is nice, they made even shielding an headache. It has settings for defence against different weapons. As if I can know with what they will shoot at me... They had it probably easy with Star Trek.... We get this 🤷‍♂️


    The only problem are the engines now. If I add the space engines the weight will only increase. And I need probably replace the basic atmosphere engines with better ones too.


    Cya guys



  2. Today I started to invest some money on shielding, I hope it was worth the money.  I'm happy that you can buy it. I'm far from creating my own shielding. Talk about creating, I started to think about these schematics. Why do you need to start over with 'research' each time for the same stuff? (this is idiotic) It would be more realistic that it is a slow burocratic system for patents from a money grabbing patent troll. 🤷‍♂️



    Parked my ship (yeah I know, it's an ugly thing/ship/whatever) on Haven 5 and went to Elioth and sold some Kergon in a market in district 6. It seems that it is the most active place in the whole game. I can only produce enough kergon for around 100.000 worth of money each day. Well, it's something. I wanted to expand my territory to get more basic ore so that I can produce more fuel, but I seem to hit some problems, since I was denied to get the tile even when I got the 'green' light to plant that thing. I think I need to create my own org. or something. What a pain. 


    I also visited Exchange. It was so busy there.... well not exactly, even there it was a ghost town... It seems that dreams are not always been fulfilled. 



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    2. -=DWM=-


      Thanks for the info. I haven't installed Discord anymore since my computer crash (destroyed windows) after playing a game with the 3d-glasses version of Nvidia years ago. Never used the 3d-glasses after that too.


      I'm not happy to hear that you need to move to another planet for expansion. 🤷‍♂️ But thanks anyway, I will think about it to install it again. But personally I like the forum as a better system, since Discord is more chaotic in my own opinion. And I'm just posting my experiences here lol. 

    3. Talocan


      That's a pretty good looking ship. Better than what I've built if you ask me.

    4. -=DWM=-


      At least you do like it 🙂  I tried  to reduce the weight with using just a frame work, that makes it more interesting I think. Thanks for your comment.



    Bought some wings on Haven 4. I don't really like flying in the dark, but seeing the sun coming up on the horizon is a welcoming feeling. There is also a giant skyscraper in the neighboorhood of Haven 4 airport. Need to watch out not to get a collision with it. But impressive nonetheless...


    The cargoship needs a lot amount of engines and wings to be usefull, and it flies probably like a boeing 747 🤣 The max speed is around 700 km/h. It can also carry some passengers.






    Chirp... Chirp... that's the crickets that I hear here around. It's a twilight zone, nobody around here, as if time doesn't exist. This does me think about a mini serie about The Langoliers (1995), a story of Stephen King. Can I also expect aliens that will eat everthing away?


    Seeing how big this place is, many hopes were put in here. But as you can see, not even a chicken in this 'school' and cafetaria. 






    I'm almost done with my ship. It can even carry a small hovercraft or ship on his back. It's not my best work but It is some progress.  I managed somewhat to give my cargo ship some shape. But I don't really like this whole design system, it's difficult. The fact that there is no mirror build system surprises me. You can build faster but also more precise with a mirror building option. Now it is just a pain... even with the copy-paste option.

    I also visited a museum of ships that were being showed. But I can't help but feel that there is something off with these designed ships...  Maybe the less details feeling? 


    I also found out how the transport system between planets work. There was no glitch, I was just lost in the wrong district that mirrors the other stations on other planets. Somehow they managed to make district traveling more confusing for newbies with the many between teleports. 






    Very funny, just add some wings on a hovercraft and it flies... after changing the settings of that thing. 


    My cargo ship taking slowly some shape, not enough to show you, but slowly... very slowly. These guys of DU know how to restrain and torture the itch of a creative person... In another words, it is very difficult to experiment on different shapes. Another reason not to really like Dual Universe. 


    Interesting fact, they want PvP in Dual Universe, but weapons are all higher tier building elements.  As a beginner you can't really defend against it, because higher tier is in fact out of reach for starters. 


    By the way, the only way to play it 'safe' and mine in space is to fly a giant fortres with a lot of members that are mining, keeping watch with their turrets and fly a squad attack ships. Than the 'pirate' would at last experience a 'death-trap' him/her self.  Very hard to do as solo-player.... 



  8. I was thinking about money, now I need to wait daily for my 'pocket money' again. Since they are here jumping for real money here, why would it not possible to convert real money into game money? The developers happy and we happy. And the more expensive things will be in my reach.  Yeah, I hear some calling, but that is a pay-to-win system. Well, not really, that money will be spent on the market and will be so rolling in the economy and to the other players. But of course you get the greedy factor here, the price could be go up, because, yeah, there's no problem with money here and of course the starters or the guys that have not that money would suffer. Simple, it's also the tax system. How more money you ask for less and simple things, how more tax-money you will pay, so, that could also an option to keep the prices normal.  But maybe that is not even a problem, because there is still the market-system, nobody buys expensive things if you can get it cheaper.

    But how with the schematics.....? The time bruh, how more you want, how more you need to wait. (shrugs) Maybe a reason to buy it on the market?

    Maybe I'm wrong, because if everyone is betting on the market, but nobody is selling, this system will colapse too. Finding a balance is hard...

    But I can still dream... just waiting and saving for money now. Maybe I'm lucky and sell more Kergon, whatever.

  9. Well, I had a not so fun experience today. I went to Sancturary by shuttle to  one of the districts to buy some landing gear. When I went back home, it dumped me on the wrong station on Haven. Just 80 km from home with no ship. I tried to travel by shuttle a few times but it still dumped me on the wrong place, I tried even with a destination setting. Now I had to  buy a little ship worth 365.000 to get home. Nice, almost no money, and my other little ship still on the other station. Nice going here, I think I was the victim of a glitch. Maybe it was also because I visited 2 planets, instead of one destination. Whatever, this is not good. 




    I'm not ready to explore space, or to fly to another planet without backup. Haven has not even a moon to explore, so there are not many options here. 


    Interestingly it seems that important 'basic' stuff are a luxury. And I'm talking about screens and a simple landing gear. It seems that a rocket engine and a sliding-door is more basic  than a landing-gear, image that... I'm missing even a simple ramp. But really, you can't even make a usefull basic message screen with all these leds and chips? Instead we got a stupid message button, seriously... It would be nice to have a nice LCD screen by the door for my name... but well... we can still dream.





  11. The factory is up and running but I can't still believe I still wasted hours for waiting on my stuff.  I'm creating larger things so that I at last can create  my cargo transport. But seriously, this is boring. 20 minutes, half an hour, etc. Are they mad? This game needs to get an award for the most slow and useless production system ever. 


    Well, of course there is an option to buy all this stuff, but firstly, the distances, and then the prices, and the low product offers here... You're just stuck here on Haven.  I sell kergon 5, since I have nothing else to offer, but even that sells not that fast, even if it is dirt cheap. That tells how many players are here around (shrugs).


    ps: I'm not a fan for  PvP  but seeing how much time and trouble you have, just to create your dream ship, it is just not worth it to use it for Destruction Derby (what I call  PvP) , and even these little ships are still too costly.  If you lose your only ship now, I think most guys would stop playing this game, probably.  Fun fact, It seems that Space Engineers has not this problem. 


    See you later guys





    Yo guys, I'm very slowly building my factory and have a small hangar and landing platform on it. I'm quite good with handling my little spaceship now, so a small landing platform isn't an issue for me. 


    Most of the time I'm just twiddling my thumbs. Seriously, wasting your time is the greatest problem with DU. Sometimes it is faster with my own personal nano system, than a factory, because for even to produce a little light it still needs a schematic to run. (Why!?)  I don't think there will be a run on the market for lights here on Haven, so, still no use to mass produce these little things. 


    I guess, it's better to put the game on the background and do something usefull than waiting, or just log out and come back after a few hours. Then the schematics are ready to pick up or the factory has done his job.






  13. Meh, a few  times i got the question for the scale that  I would advise to play this game to others. The longer I play, the lower I want to suggest other gamers to play this game. The play level is hard and for example,  I wasted 1,9 million on stupid things. Not enough cargo, a wrong mining unit, etc. and other mistakes that could have been  easily fixed.  Haven is also the wrong place to start, I think.  And I still have to build my own ship, yet.


    The grinding, the useless complex things that takes the fun away... I can understand why many people would stop playing.  I have copper in the ground,  but I can't even build the damn mining thing for it.  You need lithium of all things. And I have only  some Copper ore. All this because the field has stopped spawning ores.  I can only use mining units now. XD....  The play level is really very hard. I'm losing it guys...

    1. Koruzarius


      There's no copper on Haven, do you have a tile elsewhere? And an uncommon mining unit should handle getting the copper, and you can make that without Lithium.

    2. -=DWM=-


      I see, thanks for the info. I had bought that uncommon mining unit and installed it. That would explain that I thought that it was the wrong unit. But there is still faulty logic here. Why was there malchite and limestone on the surface? But nothing to mine? Seriously, was this also a great idea for a game mechanic,  how to stop progress? Since I cleaned the surface of all ores, I take it this was it? No respawning anymore? 

    3. FatRillos


      After you mine the "skittles" on your claimed tile they do not respawn, but on those tiles that are not claimed you can surface mine. So I'm assuming you can mine around you. But if I were you I'd at least join the main DU discord. You will find people to help quickly, also you will find people willing to invite you to their org just to be a mining monkey. Be careful and have fun. 

  14. April/May 2023, 

    After just 6 years I started to play DU again. I let myself surprise me how this will go. But one thing is sure.... Man, that waiting until something is produced!!! Are they suporting for growing grey hairs!? And the factories can't without blueprints that cost money and time? What is this? These guys  know how to slow down a game, that's for sure.

  15. To be honest, I lost my interest in this game already, even before it is even playable. Why? I played too much Starmade already, and I lost inspiration to build ships. Can't promise if I even want to play this game, even if I did my part with funding this game XD......

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