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  1. Hello guys, 


    I wanted to post a new one when I got my first 100 million, but sadly, I stopped when I saw that I entered the fifth month, May, and ended with just 80 million. I played once a week, gathering all the stuff the mining units had produced. As you know, it's not a fast-money business, lol. 


    With the money, I built a tower with a landing platform at 1 km height; it's much easier for my gravity ships. I still don't know why they created that system that way; it will only motivate players to develop high structures that are a pain for many flying pilots, and now I have also joined this club. I plan to build a ship, an L-core and M-core combined, with a gravity system, but I will use it as a permanent flying base. Sadly, it will be a brick if it's on the ground, so I'm thinking of using a rocket system to get it off the ground whenever that happens. 


    Until next time


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