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  1. Restrictions and restrictions, disappointments and disappointments.  I'm at this moment not a happy player.  I don't know which target audience the developers had in mind, but I think it is a tiny group. Why? Programming is necessary when you want more, but I have no talent for programming. The building system isn't for beginners. Getting money isn't easy, and the unstable player-driven economy doesn't improve it. Everything takes too much time, from factories to talents. And Uncle Scrooge has a big hand in this problem. Even the talents are influenced by Uncle Scrooge. Nothing has a wow factor. 


    Most of the time, I'm confronted with a problem of the limit of plugins.  Because I use a lot of fuel tanks, it will take up too many lines. I guess it can be done with a personal LUA script, and yes, that is a problem. 


    I found out that bigger and faster also need a lot of fuel.  I am not motivated anymore to build a bigger one. It would hit my wallet very hard. 


    The last straw that broke the camel's back was the latest talent that I got.  'Calibration Charge Efficiency Level 5' Since I got this, I see that I'm more unlucky than ever with calibrating my MU's. Getting the 100 spot is very difficult now. Why? This isn't improving; this is trolling!


    At this point, my financial situation in the game is also uncertain. So, I'm unsure If I want to go on or stop playing this game. The most fun was building the spaceships, but now... bankrupting is on the horizon unless I go mindless grinding for rocks again or sell the stones of the MU instead of creating fuel.  Is this fun?


    Cya guy, maybe...

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