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    Talent points, achievements and Uncle Scrooge... what do they have in common? They are all stingy!


    It is some time since I posted something. Seriously, I just lost steam and motivation because of this, especially about the talent point system. I have three tiles on Alioth now, and I know they cost more money than the mining units can produce.  And I have 19 MU together on that planet, which is still insufficient. That's because I can't calibrate them each day.  And that means I have to put even money into it. So this system is working with money loss. But my goal is still to be a Fuel seller, even if it costs me money for now. The reason why it is on Alioth is pure logistics. Too much travelling between planets that will take hours of my time. 


    But my point is I focused my talent points on the things that needed to be improved to produce Kergon. Refiners, miners and the factory that produces the Kergon.  But all together is still 59 days of twiddling with my thumbs for me. And that's only a fraction of all the available talents. Do you see the problem? Too much time is needed. I want to bet that it will take more than a year, maybe years before you gather all the available talents. I don't think that most players have that much patience 🤷‍♂️


    And the big joke is the achievements. It would have been better if they were just achievements. But no, you get points for them, but they are nothing! They are a joke. Just seconds for what you need for the cheapest thing you get for a talent. It Is like somebody didn't know what to do with it and thought, 'Nah, just put some numbers in it'. 🙄

    Better would have been more points or opening a hidden talent. (even if it cost you talent points). This is just a missed chance. 


    By the way, I have seen many of these mining units on tiles that lost their claim. They probably thought to get some money out of it, but it probably failed. 


    Meh, enough ranting, 


    Cya guys 

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