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    Visited today Alioth marktet 16. Bought there a container L. Nice building there btw, smells like money. Can you get a tour there? Playing a big corporation, 😂






    I see a lot of high-sky buildings. The big goal seems to seek the limits of building here on Dual Universe. Sometimes they are so detailed and big that It even lags my computer. 🤷‍♂️


    Btw, it seems I hit the limit on how much I can gather and sell. Also, very nice; I can gather so much ore until my large container is full, and my ship still flies around if it is nothing.  I found out at last a nice formula (F=m.a) on how to figure out how much my ship can handle. At last, for the next time, I know how to build my next ship without over-engineering it.  


    But talking about the limit. My gathering stones talents are maxed out. That means I can't work faster than it is. I can gather in one hour around 80.000 basic tier 1 ores, worth around 0.8 million quantas. But there isn't any growth potential anymore. I guess maybe the asteroids, but I don't like risky jobs.  So, that's it 🤷‍♂️. If I want to give Dual Universe a scale of 1-10, I will give it a 5 closer to 4.  Everything is limited and slowed down to the point I can call it painful. The limiting potential is especially the time that is needed to get the resources.  Most of your hours are spent gathering resources. (and waiting until your stupid factory is done).  And remember, they expect you to pay real money for a mind-numbing work simulator; this is crazy!!! 😠  Even a Trucker simulator is more fun because you're actively busy driving through the streets.  In space? Wow, nice nebula and stars? While twiddling your thumbs while flying almost 50.000 km/h?


    Ah well, the building is great, but the gathering, ugh. Thumbs down for that, especially if you're a paying player; my condolences to them...  


    Cya guys





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