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  1. image.thumb.jpeg.549a2a9684a859b303be3c72c1322df5.jpeg


    Visited today the top of the northpole of Alioth. I hoped to find a lot because there can maybe some strange effects in calculation etc. But there was nothing to find. Nothing, zero, nada. 🤷‍♂️


    But some lower on the Northpole circle I had more luck.




    But as you can expect, it's rough terrain, high cliffs deep valleys etc... Luckily, you can  still climb it. 


    Interesting fact, just like on Earth, this place doesn't know the night. Always daylight 😏 (unless I'm wrong, but I checked the shadows over the day) Maybe for the guys who hate the night perhaps? Unless they put also the summer winter period on the sun simulation. I suspect that the southpole is always dark, still need to check it out. 


    Cya guys.



    1. LegohamsterLP


      They once said there is a Summer, Winter cycle 

    2. -=DWM=-


      Interesting 🤔

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