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    Misleading facts about Alioth. If you check the map of Alioth, you read some "usefull" information about this planet. It seems that it has Bauxite, Hematite, Coal, Quartz, Limestone and Acanthite. These facts put me on a missleading  path to buy some useless mining units, like the uncommon mining unit L and the advanced mining unit L. I must notice that about these mining units,  there's no information about ore Tier 1 to 3 use. Good luck with trying it out yourself... 


    So I hoped at least to get some Limestone with the uncommon mining unit... well, that was a bummer.  It seems that you can only get it via the stones on the surface, and that are the four basic ores and the two tier 2 Limestone and Malachite. Btw,  Acanthite is silver! I suspect this is just lazy forgotten info that isn't corrrected! 


    I hoped that the advanced mining unit L just just gave more production. That is a bummer too and just a miner for higher  tier ore.  So, this too, is misleading and none of this information you can find in the game, not even in the codex 😠 so far I know. 


    Really not very usefull, the codex 🤷‍♂️


    Cya guys





    1. juryisout


      You can get Acanthite on Alioth. You just have to scan the tiles and find the ones that have them. Not all do. I have 3 on Alioth. And you need the Adv MU to get it. Same goes for Uncommon and Limestone. Have limestone ore pool on my base tile on Alioth. 

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