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    I'm almost done with my ship. It can even carry a small hovercraft or ship on his back. It's not my best work but It is some progress.  I managed somewhat to give my cargo ship some shape. But I don't really like this whole design system, it's difficult. The fact that there is no mirror build system surprises me. You can build faster but also more precise with a mirror building option. Now it is just a pain... even with the copy-paste option.

    I also visited a museum of ships that were being showed. But I can't help but feel that there is something off with these designed ships...  Maybe the less details feeling? 


    I also found out how the transport system between planets work. There was no glitch, I was just lost in the wrong district that mirrors the other stations on other planets. Somehow they managed to make district traveling more confusing for newbies with the many between teleports. 




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