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    Very funny, just add some wings on a hovercraft and it flies... after changing the settings of that thing. 


    My cargo ship taking slowly some shape, not enough to show you, but slowly... very slowly. These guys of DU know how to restrain and torture the itch of a creative person... In another words, it is very difficult to experiment on different shapes. Another reason not to really like Dual Universe. 


    Interesting fact, they want PvP in Dual Universe, but weapons are all higher tier building elements.  As a beginner you can't really defend against it, because higher tier is in fact out of reach for starters. 


    By the way, the only way to play it 'safe' and mine in space is to fly a giant fortres with a lot of members that are mining, keeping watch with their turrets and fly a squad attack ships. Than the 'pirate' would at last experience a 'death-trap' him/her self.  Very hard to do as solo-player.... 



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