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  1. I was thinking about money, now I need to wait daily for my 'pocket money' again. Since they are here jumping for real money here, why would it not possible to convert real money into game money? The developers happy and we happy. And the more expensive things will be in my reach.  Yeah, I hear some calling, but that is a pay-to-win system. Well, not really, that money will be spent on the market and will be so rolling in the economy and to the other players. But of course you get the greedy factor here, the price could be go up, because, yeah, there's no problem with money here and of course the starters or the guys that have not that money would suffer. Simple, it's also the tax system. How more money you ask for less and simple things, how more tax-money you will pay, so, that could also an option to keep the prices normal.  But maybe that is not even a problem, because there is still the market-system, nobody buys expensive things if you can get it cheaper.

    But how with the schematics.....? The time bruh, how more you want, how more you need to wait. (shrugs) Maybe a reason to buy it on the market?

    Maybe I'm wrong, because if everyone is betting on the market, but nobody is selling, this system will colapse too. Finding a balance is hard...

    But I can still dream... just waiting and saving for money now. Maybe I'm lucky and sell more Kergon, whatever.

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