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  1. If there is a Food bar, it could deploy slowly, so it holds several real-time hours from full to empty, fill up with one quick meal that takes arround 2 seconds to do, does not deploy when offline, and Food is really easy to create and cheap to buy for that reason. Empty Food-Bar doesnt have to mean death from starvation. It could also mean a signifficant debuff, like blurry vision, inabillity to run, low walk speed and reduced stats, so every damage taken while starved is more severe, for exemple. Thats My oppinion. If implemented this way, there would be a survival element to the game, but it wouldnt take over. You would need food supply, but it would be about the easiest thing to build, no matter if thats by buying it from a trader or growing it in a Farm that could be automated later... Searching for Food would only stop you from dooing other Things, instead of delay or pause them for 2 seconds to 5 minutes, in extreme situations, when you are stranded alone on a remote planet with no fuel in your spaceship and your reserves are running short. That could actually be a really Fun to roleplay some Space-Robinson-Crusoe scenario. I havent decided yet if I will actually buy and play the game. It depends if it keeps what it promises, and on how the stuff it promises actually works in detail. I also never played MMO. I do play Minecraft and Sims, but thats not the same thing. But if I do decide to play DU, and it has Agriculture, I would like to run a company that cooperates with other organisations who build and inhabit cities by building and running sky scraper greenhouses, where all the Farming happens on several layers on top of each other indoors in the middle of the city. It would have the following adventages: Shorter food supply lines for the city, climate and weather are not an issue when it comes to seeding and harvesting, constant food supply even when the city is surrounded and some agressor tried to starve it out by isolateing it from supplies.
  2. Why not both? One Planet has like the stone age Aliens that think we are gods. Another Planet has just animals. A group of Planets is colonized by an advanced alien race that is equal or above human... Some could be interacted with, tradeing, quests, even invite them into our society. Others would be hostile and attack on sight. That would be the perfect solution. Just lots and lots of diffrent things...
  3. The Organisations thing sounds great as an idea, but there are a few things Id like to know: It sounds like, the system would open the door for, say, Space Nazis. There are people that would want to make that for sure. Either because they support that ideology IRL, or because they have seen Iron Sky, and want to Cosplay, like there will be Star Trek and Star Wars imitations. How big would they need to get to get noticed? How big are they able to get, considering they are trying to play as space Nazis, and probably would be under attack constantly, and therefore most likely trapped inside a remote save zone soon, as everyone that doesnt want to play as a Nazi probably hates Nazis? Disclaimer: I do not support Nazism nor do I agree with their Ideology. I just find them Interesting and like the Look of their Uniforms. The Assumption is like a lot of players in one organisation, right? Well, what if its actually a lot of organisations, but very few players per organisation? Or, how succesfull can Players that do their thing on their own or in a small group become compared to a large empire or a giant amount of empires? Say, If Im in a 12 people organisation that does not find any new members or legates other than me and the other 11, what are our chances to survive and thrive when surrounded by multiple organisations of 100+ members? Can we still build large cities and something like that, or are we limited to one medium sized spaceship with a hidden base inside an asteroid? And if we can, will those cities be empty of life? Or can we populate them with NPCs that live there and mine and farm and defend the city on our behalf? Another Scenario. Lets say im an employee of a mineing company, and my Job is to harvest ore from an Astariod. The Rhights, Duties and all of that allow me to do whatever it takes to mine the ore from that Rock, but the Amount of Ore I have to deliver per month in order to get paid instead of punished require me to mine about all the Time Im online with nothing to do to change that... Can I leave the Company and join another one, where I can actually progress towards a goal I set myself? And if so, who is gonna take my Job? Some Player that is tired from being attacked from pirates and needs a break? Some mineing robot? An NPC? In the first and second scenario, a small group struggles to survive because of the presence of multiple bigger ones. In the last scenario, a single player is being surpressed by a large group he is a member in. All of that can be summarized into one question: What stops the many from bullying the few? What stops the big fish from swallowing the smaller ones? If that is not adressed, there will soon be three or four giant Empires that rule over everything, and new players/smaller organisations would have to go by their rules or leave the Game for good.
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