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  1. If someone is not well versed in ship building and buys a ready-made ship, how do they know the ship will fly as good as promised? The principle is the same as in real life. Some people will try to sell you stuff which doesn't do what it's promised to do. And some people will fall for that, if it's lua or something else. Over time some sellers will gain more reputation by selling quality stuff.
  2. @hdparm I already started to create the type definitions. When I'm done I will start to create the TypeScriptToLua template
  3. @MRog40 There is an example at https://github.com/du-codeforce/du-fennel-template/blob/master/src/main.fnl The originial lua code from which this was translated is here: https://github.com/du-codeforce/du-fennel-template/tree/master/tools#usage-example I cleaned up the example a bit, so it is closer to the original lua code. If you want to learn more, there is some documentation on https://fennel-lang.org/. Also, you can dm me if you have any questions. I also just started to learn lisp (thats one of the reasons I created this template, to learn li
  4. Sorry for the confusion. This is not a tool that you install. This is template which you can use to write code for dual universe in a lisp. Every sudo use is for installing one of the dependencies. Two of which are luarocks dependencies and one is to move the lua-amlg file. You're completly free to use the template however you want. If you don't want to install anything as sudo, this is fine. Install it localy and add it to your path or change the build script to fit your needs. If you want to make some improvements you are free to open a pull request. For the time
  5. I made a simple template to use fennel, a lisp to lua transpiler, for dual universe programming. Basic compilation seems to work, but there are still some things missing. (like parameter exports) The template can be found here: https://github.com/du-codeforce/du-fennel-template
  6. Hi, I go by the name IAmHardliner or just hardliner for short. I'm a programmer in real life and I hope to be a programmer in dual universe too. I started my own organization which will be focused on programming in dual universe.
  7. discordauth:aPdht2AITjOxKlFpdFOscEg0J4EcIIJGM-DEvRPiaXg=

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