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  1. So there are a lot of organizations already, So i'm sure some have grand plans or evil ones. Well the aim of mine is simple, we have 2 goals, explore the universe and learn the secrets it holds and then build a very powerful arm supplier for ships and weapons. Of course there will be some organizations that are huge and others that are small. Well I would love to become a large organization that helps out the smaller ones to have fun and explore the universe without having to worry about a giant organization deciding to come pick on them. As every game, you will have that, you can't stop it. But you can fight it and that's the aim, is to fight it, say a small organization needs protection to mine or build etc, we could offer them protection for a favor or fee later on. Once they have become larger or have some income to pay us back for the costs. Now you try and rip us off or not pay us back etc, then we will have to talk about it before using force. Like how Darth Sidious took over most of the galaxy without having to use any force, He was the puppet master behind the screen. Well I would love for us to be like that, but not as evil, more neutral. Unless you pay well for us to fight on your side even if you may be a bit evil, but won't be working for any larger organizations. Just small ones or hiring smaller ones to do jobs for us. etc If you have questions feel free to comment or pm
  2. Will characters be able to marry in game? what kind of player interaction will there be?
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