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    Mazillus got a reaction from Kurosawa in Fast Track/Catch up Skills   
    This idea is that once you reach master level in your chosen profession you have the ability to give skill apprenticeships to players who don't already hold the skill. 1-5 apprenticeships depending on your training skill level.
    (The below example can be scaled to all skills)
    Miner Apprenticeship Miner (20% skill speed increase) Master Miner  
    Basically you can still buy and train the standard skill or you can take an apprenticeship with a master for faster training. (maybe there is another skill that increases a masters training ability).
    These speed increases are only applied when you complete jobs assigned to you by your trainer. (1 per day, lasts for one 1 day, repeatable until the skill is learned).
    These skill apprenticeships have to be initiated in person i.e not something that can be done remotely via markets etc. 
    On completion the trainer gains training skill points (increased skill training time bonus or more trainees) and the trainee gains the skill at a reduced time.
    Player made tutorial
    Player interaction
    Catch up system
    This is something that could be added after years full release. 
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    Mazillus got a reaction from Thokan in Player Prison?   
    Adds nothing to the game play and would be open to abuse.
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    Mazillus reacted to Skraby_Zarc in Text-to-Speech Integration   
    I think tts ship integration would be cool. Like the computer in Star Trek. I don't believe players should have the ability to use tts individually, though. If it is included, it needs to be a module you install into your ship/station.
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