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  1. 1 minute ago, Alethion said:

    And Yamamushi's supposed to know this.......how? We're supposed to know this how.

    As this is not face to face....and we dont know you or your brother.....then you should have expected somthing like this to occur and tried to smooth things over.... We can only act on the tome of the conversation directed to us and the words used in the conversation.....  To arrive at an opinion....whether it be correct or not....as it was conveyed....so before you start to shoot your mouth off try to think about the people that dont know about your family history and how they would react.....before you jump on the crusade to defend your brother and accuse other of being belligerant.



    Uh i certainly wouldnt think they would bann a reasonable level headed person that is just talking about a ban of someone else like the proclaimed admin above said would be the appropriate action. In regards to how my brother was spoken to after he simply stated "it soesnt work" after he thought he had entered the command correctly "We can only act on the tome of the conversation directed to us and the words used in the conversation..... " yea even he understands that so why didnt the admin?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Comrademoco said:



    I'm an admin on the Discord there, first and foremost I'm sorry this had to happen, while I was away during all this, I can surely mention that any moderation action taken there is with reason, if you felt that this was wrongly done, a message to the moderators or the admins (in a calm manner and with willingness to resolve the issue) would have been 100x better than keeping the insults and  aggressive manner towards a member of the Discord and his work.




    Ok then well i happen to know you can include a reason with the ban so what was the reason for mine LUNATISS ban?

  3. 1 minute ago, Alethion said:

    But none of this is really relevant....posting a forum topic of how your brother was banned from a chat for insulting the admin and calling into question his work......is not a good way to build friends. NQ do not control the discord channels and no amount of complaining will bring back the dead

    ....rip....however you can still repair bridges private messages still work...unless your brother's ego is inflated he need to make the first move.....the balls in your court.


    Peace and love ✌


    My brother is mentally challenged you champ thats why im here not him, if the guy woulda just been helpful it would have been fine but no he wanted to be a snooty prick and got called out by someone who cant tie his shoes on some bad days. And i did message the guy he read it and ignored it like a coward when questioned why he didnt ban the "stephen paddock is my hero" guy he just stays quiet. Keep defending him.

  4. Ok 

    1 minute ago, Alethion said:

    As i was present whilst this happend....i can safely say that Yamamushi was well within his right's to do so.... If you insult him directly calling him a prick cause your "brother" could not type ~forumauth properly and get his accout passed for alpha..... ( ever wonder if maybe he did not have rights to access that.....maybe he typed it wrong?). When everyone else who had the rights to and were able to type ~forumauth and was able to get access, maybe...is not Yamamushi's fault..... but your brothers. Also for insulting the Admin of his own chat slandering his creation ( incase your wondering he created that  auth script himself). Anyway.....there is no smoke without fire....he should be mindful of who he decides picks fights with...or tries to insult......

    Sorry i read the first 3 lines then stopped you say you were their then say it was me that insulted the admin when i clearly didnt. Im here for my clearly wrongful ban not my brothers Ahole ban. Also some more fallacy out of this one. Saying "it doesnt work"  is not slander.

  5. I want people to be aware that the dev supported discord is so bad  off ,i mean the guy didnt ban me for starting trouble he coulda even gave me a warning if  my simply speaking was wrongful... seriously seeing people defend this behavior is disheartening.


    Also to the fallacy guy @wizardoftrash

    Leveling an accusation does not go hand in hand with not being civil. Think.


    Maybe an Official discord is necessary i would certainly like one for the benefit of the community.


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  6. 1 minute ago, wizardoftrash said:

    Its an unofficial channel, run by another human being. If he doesn't want you or your brother on, that's up to him.


    You taking it into here to try to get him in trouble just proves that he made the right call.

    Sorry gonna have to call bull seeings as the devs support tge dis. Also i understand the guy is your friend but fighting a wrongfilul ban is in no way proving him right. 

  7. Alright so my twin brother was banned from the Unofficial discord earlier for saying "i didnt ask for your help prick" afyer the admin told him ""its not my job to fix your discord"". Ill give them that although i thought it was overkill and logged on try to get him unbanned. So i got banned for literally nothing i was totally civil so im just going to post these and you guys can decide.


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    This is not the place to post this kind of screenshots.
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